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  1. Addah Kerubo says

    She really touches my heart wherever and whenever I watch her Videos and her music.
    May God take care of her husband and children and rest her soul in peace always. Angie I thank God for her good work which has been a blessing to me ever since I first heard of her music though I was very young but it will remain in my heart forever as I wait to meet and enjoy together in Heaven one day. Angie stay good until we meet.

  2. Winnie says

    For the first time in weeks, I decide to view Kenyan Gospel on Youtube, and of course I want to listen to noone else but Angela’s ‘Uliniumba Nikuabudu.’ Then I view the comments and everybody is talking about “Angela was…” and am like What?!I can’t believe it! I am still in shock. I had to google her to be sure. Anyway, I believe that God loved her more and wanted her to be with Him. Thank you Lord for giving us a Angela – a wonderful gift. Comfort her husband and kids. Angie, We will meet in heaven. RIP

  3. Hellen mukhebi says

    Angela was one of my favorite gospel singers since my childhood with her song Ninatamani.Wished she could be around,but believed God loved her most.God bless her family and strengthen them to courageously accept the situation.Bye

  4. says

    Believe me Angie has been a real blessing to my life. Her trucks like Uniumba nikuabudu and the latest albulm has given me the revelation that GOD is the reason y we live n we were created to worship, not coz of our needs but coz of who GOD is. I thank God for the time he allowed Angela to minister to the nations.
    Her death touched me. May the lord preserve the family and most pastor Elisha. AMEN.

  5. Dominique says

    Angela Chibalonza was a blessing to so many. I have heard so many wonderful things about her and her music. I had not heard about her before her passing. I wish I had known her before. My wish is that more people get to know her through this post.

    Read more about Angela Chibalonza here:

    I just read on All Africa that Angie’s sister, Teresa Runiga, known as Tete, is starting to make her mark in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

  6. calvince says

    i was in the office filling down and away from God,then i decided to view her profile on you tube.i dont know what happened i found my self weeping repenting for the sins i have committed.any time i see or hear her singing something erupts from within me, and i realise am hopeless and helpless without God.thank you angela for the work youve done.may God keep your soul forever

  7. Pauline Wakasiakah says

    I miss her, i miss her message, i miss her preaching,she was talking God’s word through her songs, this made me understand the scriptures better and easy.
    If you listen to her words, they are scriptural, no addition or subtraction apart from testimonies of what God has done to fulfill the scriptures in her life.
    All Gospel artists should look at this, Coz, God’s word is true, her message will live on coz it is biblical.
    May God, guide her family and give them love that she is not there to give but above all let them remain in the Lord.

  8. monicah says

    when I heard of her death, I was very shocked but I prayed to God to rest her soul in peace and encourage her husband and kids to allow God take control of everything in their lives.
    Angela I really cherised you and your messages through singing.

    we will meet again!

  9. Rose says

    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh at his best time. Angela, this was God’s best time for you to go let his name be praised. In God’s happenings everyting has a reason and your departure from us happened with a reason. Your preaching through songs made great impact in many people’s lives. May God reward you according to your deeds. Rest in peace. Amen

  10. josephine asiyo says

    Angela Chibalonza was a blessing to me and I thank God for her good work which has been a blessing to my life since she came to Kenya.Angie is still in my heart with her music ringing in my mind,infact her death left me with unanswered question as to why Angela died.May Gd just give strength to His servant Pastor Elisha in order to continue with His work. Pastor,wherever you are just know Kwamba yeye ni Ebenezer na atakufikisha mbali sana ,just hold on because the battle belongs to Him (He is Jehovah Nissie and He will always fight for you and your beautiful daughter Gloria Wonder no matter what)

  11. Kiombe Alfayo says

    As i remember Angela my heart hurts, as we sang with her at Bahati PAG she said to me “Ndugu unaimba vizuri lakini usizoee kuimba nyimbo za watu wengine tunga na zako pia ukitaka kukuwa kimziki”
    This word realy touched me untill God gave me a song ‘Yote yatendeka kwa uwezo wake’ of which am deicating it to her i have just lucked money to process it.But i will do it just for her.I miss you Chibalonza.As for Elisha dont let the fire go down keep it burning.

  12. Milient says

    She was an inspiration to me. I got saved through her music. Whenever I listen to Uliniumba nikuabudu, I remember the day I got saved. May God rest her soul and strengthen her family.

    The righteous are taken away. My brethren this is the only day you have, praise God for you don’t know your tomorrow.

  13. Msoo says

    I was deeply touched by Angela’s departure, but one thing that makes me happy is to believe that she leads praise and worship in heaven. God also likes good things, doesn’t He? Angie, we’ll meet in heaven. May God give Muliri’s family the needed comfort and endurance; and more so to keep the fire burning.

  14. Erick says

    It is now a year since she passed away. I knwe her when she was alive, oh YES throuh Uliniumba Nikuabudu. I decided to buy the cassete and found a lot of annointing in her other songs. When I heard the news about her death I was shocked and I started to love her most. Iam a tanzanian but am in Kenya now I wish she could be here for me to see her and even shake her hand. I have bought all of her CDs since she started singing, they bless, I don get tired to listen to the songs and the hyms she sang in Kiswahili, my favourite is Uliniumba Nikuabudu and Ebenezer, they are my ring tones. May GOD rest her soul in peace and I am sure she leads praises in heaven. Meet you there Angela, your daughter Wonder will count her 2nd year this November, hope she will be a good singer like you. I love you Angie!


    It’s very sad to me and my family as we watch your CDs always our son LUCAS keeps on asking to see CHEBALONZA. Surely your songs are a blessing to us.May you rest in peace until we meet in heaven

  16. mercy on December 11th, 2008 12;08pm says

    your songs are a blessing to my heart they make me to think about God all the time. may God bless your family angie.rest in peace till we meet in heaven

  17. william kamanja says

    angela chibalonza’s music continues to inspire me. she has become my favourite gospel singer. she has shown the world what talent is and how it should be used. other musicians should emulate angela chibalonza. see u in heaven and may God bless your family – husband and children

  18. maldrine mshai says

    she has and will be an inspiration to many. Her songs are such a blessing, songs like ebeneza will always bring me to tears , yaani its so touching and gives hope to life. thank you angela for bringing me closer to God. you were here on earth for a short period but u made a life time change to many. R.I.P

  19. Dominique says

    Everyone thanks for posting! There have been so many wonderful things said about Angela Chibalonza. I would love to know more about her and her life, but there is not much information online about her. She has touched a lot of people through her music.

  20. faith mutheu says

    Mum i love you ,surely you changed my life through your songs ,in fact i miss you mumy ,but i thank God coz yote utendeka kwa wema ,alivuna mavuno coz yalikuwa tayari ,be blessed mum and may that annointing fall on me ,and your family waimbe zaidi yako ,see you in heaven

  21. mutheu says

    Am very desperate without seeing u mum in our meetings,i was still waiting to see u in our crusades But u r no where to be found,u mean physicaly u have gone ooh u r not serios mama,i LOVE YOU angie R.I.P and countinue worshiping in heaven with angels , when i will come there first thing i will hug you mum coz am realy mising you.may the almighty God reward you for the work you done in our lifes.

  22. Janie Chege says

    Angela is a great inspiration 2 me. I love her song Ebenezar very much it inspires me, as I remember how God has taken me thro so much. I listen 2 her songs daily and I wil love her 4ever.

  23. Nebert Mise Eboso says

    Agela’s music is still the best to me and my family.Her music bless,comforts, and gives hope to a true christian.I believe many have been touched thru’ her songs.R.I.P

  24. Dominique says


    Thanks for your post. I’m so thankful for Angela Chibalonza Muliri’s life. So many have posted about the effect that her music has had on their life.


  25. Aniter says

    A friend in deed. I choose to call you the WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER BOX. You spared nothing when it came to God and humanity. I envied your commitment to God,meekness and your moral strength. I bless God for honoring me with your friendship.
    It is two years down the line yet everything is so fresh in my mind, especially the conversation on 21st Sept 2007 just a day before… Somethings do happen and you just don’t know how to respond but as a christian i choose to bless God.

    A day doesn’t go by without my thought or mention of you. You meant and still mean alot to me. NAKUPENDA SANA. As for Glory your baby, IT IS WELL.

  26. nelly says

    wat more can be said about this great woman of God, Angela u will never be forgotten. all i pray is for me to learn how to worship the Lord like you did. i would love to learn more about Her. anyone with any information on her will be appreaciated. thanks in advance

  27. miriam says

    angela your songs lift me high when i just lisen to them i feel as if am near to my God
    may God rest you heart in a good place and keep that voice to sing for your creater as yor name is angle
    anela thankyou for the time you used to praise your God because i know God always rember you the day of judgement for your good work.
    may you rest in good peace

  28. says

    Angela, you were such a blessing in my life, your songs have really blessed me and made me feel close to God. Your life was an example of how a christian should live his or her life. I always aspire to live my life the way you need- you had reverence for God. I love you very much Angel and may God continue taking care of your family and may u rest in peace.

  29. otipa mike says

    Angela,tho in heaven but your songs blesses me every time i listen to them.
    JESUS allowed me to witness one of His wonderfull singer,your absentism in gospel music has made me sad i have not identified someone who can fill my gospel music library.Someone reading this messege let him or her know that i was the first person to promote Angelas music on regional radio i.e KBC Kisumu(Jina la Yesu)we were working hand in hand with the late Erick Ndeche of KBC Kiswahili service,
    mama Angela because of your music listeners liked my work in the studio,
    may our Lord JESUS CHRIST rest your soul in peace.

  30. says

    for sure this lady was God chosen to have been sent into the world just to convey a massage for a short time and then God to take her back so that he can restore her , and this isa a reminder that everybody hers to remain in the Lord and be ready at any time just for the sake of our Eternal peace, may the Lord God rest her soul in eternal peace (you were the engel of God on earth because your massage is still on demand. even if you are not with as)thanks,

  31. lydiah says

    I really loved Angie and her touching music. By listening to her music my worship , praise and prayer line really changed . I had really longed to meet with her here on earth but i didn’t get that chance i just wish i did. Her music preach to me daily and i give God all the glory for her . I miss her

  32. Caroline says

    When I first heard Ange (Angel in French as I called her) sing, I knew instantly that I needed to associate with her. She was a worshipper and she took me before the Throne with her songs, I wanted to see Jesus. I finally located her and her loving husband Apostle Muliri and their humble church. To hear her lead worship at the church was phenomenal. The presence of God in that church is mighty even now after her departure. No wonder it goes by the name Shekinah. That is the place where people who need to feel God and find true worship find Him. Apostle Muliri is an annointed Man of God, pastor and wonderful worship leader who has understood that we were truly made to worship the one and only God. May the Lord continually guide him and take him through the difficult period of widowhood. Please remember Apostle in your prayers that God may bless him again with a woman who reveres the Lord.

  33. Ettah Michaels says

    Its a bit late to comment about Angela but since i find myself singing her songs, i feel i have to contribute so that my heart is at rest. I started enjoying angie’s gospel music long time at Sing and Shine, Joy Bringers in KBC television and by that time, Angie was such a small girl but you could see the determination in her to worship God. She has really blessed my family and I but what shocked me most is that when i had she had an accident and she was no more, i couldnt eat anything that evening, i mourned Angela because her songs were truly worshipping God. She was intimate with God. I always looked forward for her next release because it kept on getting better and better.

    Angela, i truly loved you, i saw you one day at Wimpy with one of your sisters who looks like you and i felt like saying hallo to you but because i couldnt because you were surounded by people who looked like bouncers, nimelidhika, but please RIP till we meet in heaven. I hope you are still worshipping even now. Love you Angela – i hope and pray your daughter will take after you, you are not lost – what you left behind is a legacy to last forever. HALLELUIAH

  34. Hellen says

    Angela dear, sleep well gal, i love listening to your music, they r trully a worship. till we meet again. as someone has commented, i ope your still worshipping with the angels in heaven. i love you en ya song are a true blessing to me.
    may God take good care of ya family

  35. florence says

    angela’s music still in ma veins.i like her music.cant go a day without listening to ebenezer.angela rest in peace.

  36. david wanga says

    Angela may the almighty rest you in a special place………..your evangelism made me see the light of our maker, if it were not for your righteous lyrics perhaps I would not be in salvation now, and you can imagine I got saved even after you had long gone….. RIP dear!

  37. mary nyiha says

    ua music is still fresh as the word of God. it blesses me every tym I listen to it. u truly did not belong to this world. till we meet again in heaven, ciao

  38. PHILOMENAH says

    She touched me a lot with her singing and inspired me to sing. i just believe she Godly and annointed

  39. says

    God taketh the best
    Angellas songs blesses me so much
    God bless her family
    I still listen to her songs and i cant explain wat i feel , but Glory to God for the good work She accomplised on earth…..the greatest commandment Angella fulfilled…

  40. says

    The death of Angela was a shock to me.I really loved her songs since they gave me hope.I lost a sister and a mentor.May the lord God,rest her soul in eternal peace AMEN

  41. Lillian says

    So lovely lady, very gifted and a blessing to many. You still speak into my life even today and you still mentor me. The bible says we give thanks in everything, I give thanks to God even though it is very difficult but I know that your works will forever speak.

  42. ntinunu-bienvenu says

    il y a même pas 2 jours que j’ai decouvris sa musique,en essayant de chercher ses cordonné pour procurer ce cd et dvd,et c’est là que j’ai appris quelle déjà morte,quel douleur,j’avais du mal dans mon coeur et du mal a digérer la situation;mais j’ai rendu gloire à celui qui a dit:tu es poussière et tu retourneras dans la poussière et je sais une chose qu’elle n’est pas mort mais elle dort au sein d’abraham.ceux qui meurt dans le seigneur ne meurt pas,ils dorts;que le seigneur puisse reconforté le reste de sa famille au nom de jésus amen.

  43. Dorcas says

    Angela has left alandmark in this generation.forsure she is a source of inspiretion to my life.

  44. NEBERT MISE says

    Sincerely, Anjela’s songs were and are still a blessing to me and my family. The truth is that the songs are like an inspiration from God. They really add value to my spiritual understanding of God’s word and comforts and gives hope when you are downhearted. I still love her songs. May God rest her soul in eternal peace.Amen!

  45. john mwangangi says

    I have been strengthened spiritually by the music of our late Angela, She was exceptionally gifted,
    inspired and anointed to bless gods people through music.

    God took her home because he was pleased with her, and a message to Mr muliri is that know that
    your wife is with jesus right now so don’t worry just continue to serve God and we all will meet her again.

    God bless you — John from United kingdom.

  46. sussa luseno says

    mumy still missing u alot. machozo hunitoka nikikukumbuka but sina la ziada than to agree that umetutangulia mum we r coming t meet u again we r on our way,as a young artist wil follow ur ftsteps.love,ecouragements til i meet you,again in heven,R.I.P mumy

  47. Wily Sirikwa says

    Cant cease to refresh my memories of my dear spiritual mother, an inspiration, a deary… Rip mamita

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