Notes From Lakewood Church-Best.Worship.Ever.

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PLACE: Lakewood Church-Houston, Tx, Joel Osteen, Pastor

DATE: Saturday, March 12, 2008

TIME: 7:00 p.m.

Worship Team: Steve Crawford, Da’dra Crawford Greathouse, Israel Houghton, Choir & Band
Songs: Here I Am To Worship, We Win, Great in Power, Forever, Friend of God, Free To Worship
Ok, the title is a bit misleading because I think that every worship service is great. The atmosphere is always charged with excitement to enter into God’s presence. Everywhere you look you see faces of joy and anticipation.

Missed Cindy, but Steve, Da’dra, & Israel did a great job. One of my favorite worship songs to hear is “Forever.” I love the melody of the song and the words are simple and right on target. God is all around and it will always be that way. This song gently reminds me to stop stressing out and remember that God’s love and grace is enduring.

Forever God is faithful,
Forever God is strong,
Forever God is with us,
Forever and ever.

The Kids team is doing a great job with the kids choir. They were every bit of cute in their red and black and full of energy! They sung “My Number One” from the Hillsong Kids CD, which struck me as a great song for kids to learn. Great way to deposit that Jesus should always be number one in our lives. Loved the little rap part with the three little boys!  Be sure to catch what Pastor Marcos said one of the little boys asked him after the song.


Scripture References:Mark 16, Psalm 63, Romans 10:14
Subject: Being A Messenger of the Best News

Quick Notes From The Sermon: The message was given by Spanish Pastor Marcos Witt, who’s unique and comical style never fails to get the message across clearly. He said that because we are always surrounded by bad news, good news is always fun to share. In true Marcos style he had a Houston Chronicle newspaper that he thumbed through reading off the news. He had the audience laughing when he said, “there’s an article that says that Marcos Witt will stop losing hair and stop gaining weight.”

Pastor Witt said that we should be excited about being good stewards of the message of Jesus Christ, the best message that humanity has ever had the priviledge to hear. Gospel is a Greek word that means “good news or good tidings”. He said that because of the blood of Jesus Christ our sin debt has been paid. Because our debt has been paid we should not let the enemy bring up past sins. The past has not only been forgiven, but forgotten.

God has a plan and a purpose for everything, and the good news of Jesus Christ assures us of hope for eternal life and assurance of salvation. Jesus gives us the confidence to know that we’ve been saved.  Pastor Witt said that it’s exciting to him and other leaders to see Jesus Christ change lives. He said the message changes lives permanently and despair is replaced with hope. Pastor Witt said that we should give thought to how we’ll feel when we get to heaven and see all those we shared the gospel with. He ended with “Thank You For Giving to the Lord” by Ray Boltz.

**These are my quick notes from the sermon. To get the full effect you can watch this service and other archived services at Lakewood’s website or Pastor Joel’swebsite. You can also sign up for the free podcasts or call 1-800-487-0565 for copies of the sermons.

Being able to share the good news with others is an important part of being a believer. Pastor Marcos shared four tips for doing so:

1. Very simply share your story.
2. Be excited when you share.
3. Don’t cram it down their throat.
4. Don’t beat them over the head. The grace of the Gospel is that we sow the seed and the Holy Spirit does the work.

My vision for Notes From My Church is for others to share what is going on in their church services. I would love to hear what is going on in other places of worship. Let’s all share and encourage each other. It doesn’t have to be long, fancy, or perfect. Just place it in the following format: The Music, The Message, The Atmosphere and e-mail it to me at I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

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