Rev. Clifton Davis Says the Gay Lifestyle…..

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This is what Clifton Davis says about the gay lifestyle:

“It seems as though gay lifestyle has become commonplace. I have nothing against someone who is gay. They have the freedom to live their life, but in the house of God — although He loves them in their sin — He wants them out of it. I love my gay friends, but I would rather see them walk in accordance with the Word of God…and I sure don’t want to see women kissing [women] on the air. I’m offended by it.” BV Buzz

Davis has been preaching across the country for the last 25 years and can be seen on TBN.  What about two men kissing on the air?? One of my favorite shows to watch is “Brothers & Sisters” and they show men kissing quite a bit. Too much to explain to the kiddies……………

Remember him on the show “That’s My Mama”? lol

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