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Today’s trying times reflected by the troubling economy, environmental issues, failing home mortgages, massive lay-offs, inadequate health care, global political unrest, etc. are indicators there is a need for an answer for change. Pastor Suzette has developed a Model Prayer developed from the Lord’s Prayer. She and the Prayer Institute team, located in Houston, Texas, have seen numerous healings and miraculous answers to prayer resulting from Jesus’ prayer method found in the Model Prayer (also known as the Lord’s Prayer), including the healing of Pastor Suzette’s breast cancer.

“Prayer is the key to experiencing God’s will for our lives,” said Pastor Suzette. “Praying to Change Your Life” will show you how to produce God’s results to your prayers while strengthening your relationship with Him.”

Pastor Suzette and The Prayer Institute team conduct prayer classes that have taught thousands of people to pray using the Model Prayer. Numerous testimonies citing positive results from praying the Model Prayer have been collected. Pastors Suzette and Kirbyjon Caldwell, along with the Windsor Village Family, have also witnessed the power of united prayer in the realization of a 234-acre vision called Pointe 2.3.4., a mini master-planned, nonprofit development in an underserved area of Southwest Houston.

Pastor Suzette and The Prayer Institute recently took the united prayer concept worldwide through a recent prayer event called “A Day for O.N.E. (One Nation Empowered)” where congregations prayed the same prayer in support of President Obama, his cabinet and America. During the Bush administration, The Prayer Institute developed prayers for President George W. Bush and his administration. Pastor Suzette also organized a chaplaincy for Hurricane Katrina, served as co-chair for National Day of Prayer-Houston and as Director of Prayer for CityFest Houston hosted by Luis Palau.

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