Debra Winans Video About Assault on Her By BeBe Winans

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Debra Winans

A video interview with Debra Winans, the ex-wife of gospel music artist BeBe Winans, can be watched here.

BeBe Winans has been booked on domestic assault charges against his ex-wife as a result of an argument about their two children.

Debra Winans said that he pushed her down in front of the kids. Not a good thing for the children to see. She also say that she’s not afraid of him and  she is speaking out in hopes of helping others.

I sincerely hope that the incident with Chris Brown & Rhianna and now Bebe and Debra Winans will shed some light on the seriousness of domestic disputes. The media is going full blast on the Chris Brown/Rhianna thing. A lot of women (and some men) are affected by this.

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  1. Kay says

    Just curious if domestic violence showed up while they were still married? Also, given the Winan’s were facing he homegoing of their father any day was pressing charges and having BeBe arrested, fingerprinted really necessary? There’s nothing like an SCORNED EX-WIFE!!!!!

  2. Felicia says

    The devil is always busy…With that said, Just pray!!! Both BeBe and Debra know what love is, they shared it for many years…There is never a reason for hitting or pushing from either side…Please allow this family to heal…My heart goes out to all of them there children most of all…You guys just need to do what you know is right and work it out!!!…God Bless all parties involved!!!

  3. says

    Although we as the body of the Christ should not jump to judgement or speculation regarding this matter, I do have some concerns with
    Mrs. Winans constant public appearances and acqusations.while the case is pending. This alleged incident was reported a month after it had taken place.
    NOTE;You should not seek to tear down someone in order elevate yourself. If we are truly God’s Children we must live by GOD’S instructions. “judgement is mine”. GOD BLESS !!!!!

  4. Bri says

    I have to say, I agree with Mark that pressing charges a month after the alleged incident is very suspicious. I pray that it didn’t happen because I love the Winans’ family, but if it did we are all human with real emotions and we make mistakes so I will still love Bebe anyway. I believe that now more than ever the devil is trying the church. He’s even been so bold as to turn our members against each other. We have “Christian” people who are supposed to “prefer one another” (God’s words not mine) on other blog sites bashing their own people instead of telling people to pray for them. The end is near saints.

  5. says

    bros and sis; we must look at this matter with spiritul eyes understanding that the world is quick to bring judgement on the church but only GOD is able to. I do believe if we allow the enemie to get into our hurts&heart he will use us to bring forth more harm to others.I agree with mark and bri also,- “keep praying stop judging”

  6. says

    I would like to say that Christains are human beings just anybody else. No one is perfect here on this earth. We all do things or have done something in our life that we are not pleased about. At the same time it is not right for a man to hit a woman nor for a woman to hit a man. We should not provoke each other in anyway – but we do it anyway. From what I have heard about this alleged pushing is that it is just that – alleged. It was never even stated as something that had occurred often or before. Keep in mind that this couple was married for 15 years, recently divorced, and has gone through custody issues as well. This case is still pending and people should stop speculating until it has gone to court and is ruled on. Unlike other cases where evidence was given in advance or admittance of guilt was stated. The judge has not ruled on this one. So just be careful before you pass judgement only later to come back and retack your position. You never know- one day you might find yourself being accussed of something you may have not done! I pray for those invovled, especially the children.

  7. Helen Rent says

    I love BeBe’s singing, it is so uplifting. Since there appear to have not been any past abuse, I wish this could have been worked out more privately. I was terribly abused by a man for six years and I wish I had had the courage to to do something about it. I am still having fall backs from that relationship. It affected my daughter profoundly. She’s 44 years old now and I don’t think she will ever recover.

  8. Dominique says

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for your comment. Domestic abuse is a serious issue and it should be handled as such. My prayers are with you and your daughter.

  9. Mary L Bailey says

    I am very sad to hear about the pushing around. What happen with communication with the spouse? What push him to push her? Don’t want to take sides but women are very emotionally with pms, menopause etc. Ask me how I know! We need a deep search of ourselves and ask the Lord we serve for peace and good behavior on both sides.

  10. SaiDenise says

    Indeed, I am a person who is strongly against domestic violence of any kind, but I am also against LYING or trying to pollute the truth. With this said, I do not believe this woman’s allegations. Certainly this has nothing to do with the fact she was married to a gospel singer ( the law is the law), it has all to do with her story changing from interview to interview ( that includes interviews by law enforcement, cross examining with attorneys, & her “national radio interview with Tom Joyner and other radio personalities ). In other words, 2+2 was not ( with the judge) and is not adding up now ….to four as far as her storyline of when the alleged “push and fall to ground” attack happened.

    1. Since I work in law ( juridical system) I know a little bit more about the case, than the average person looking on the outside in. Also I am the type of person that likes to dig for truth ( even if I wasn’t in law),I took it upon myself to partner with the investigation team, law enforcement officers and lawyers who were assigned to investigate the initial assault report was filed almost 2months after the alleged assault took place. After hearing all of her interviews, cross examining tapes, viewing all documents, and police reports, her children’s testimonies ( which were co-influenced and rehearsed, and she publicly stating on record and tape out the 14 years of marriage with Mr. Winans prior to this case, there has been no previous physical abuse or verbal abuse, I came to a just and fair conclusion along with the judge and grand jury that this woman exaggerated the truth and this case should be not only removed from the court records but sealed from ever reopening again or filing for an appeal.

    Granted, both parties had a loud disagreement/argument ( who doesn’t), however ( according to the children’s testimonies with judge, police time log, and witnesses) there was NO physical pushing, or verbal abuse done on Mr. Winans part. Also I find it very alarming according to court public documents that Debra, wrote a book, was in search for publisher at the time, and formed a website blog about the alleged event, before she called the police to report the incident. What is this “bankable abuse”.

    I agree with the Judge, on her closing statement during the verdict, ” I have no tolerance of any kind for domestic violence, but I cringe when I see innocent people smeared and torn down by selfishness, uncontrollable emotions, misunderstanding, manipulation, and dishonesty all to satisfy their personal agendas or personal revenge, especially when children are involved.”

    My prayer is that Debra Winans will GO ON with her life, as well as Mr, Winans in peace and honesty ( for their children sake) . Also I would advise Debra Winans please stop using vindictive gestures, or accusations when things or situations does not go in her favor, because the truth will always stand higher even in a bucket full of lies. We do a real disservice to men, women. and children who are real victims of abuse, when we take something that is so unethical and make it into another form of business, or personal stardom. Just tell the whole truth ( not 1/2 truth), lastly do Not play mind games with Children to sow seeds of discord with their relationship with the father or his family. The children should never hear rage & bitterness from their parents mouths about one another, just because of your personal disliking with the parent. Keep it civil ( and for the most part Mr. Winans and his family did do that)

    Again my prayer is that they both find courage to let go and move on in peace for themselves and for their children. MOVE ON!
    God Bless

  11. imblsd says

    we as saints of god n eed to pray 4 them and stop talking because in all what does the lord have to say and bebe and debra need to pray and ask one another for forgive ness be at peace with all men because it takes to tango

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