New Gospel Music from Ben Tankard

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New Gospel Music From Ben Tankard, Mercy Mercy Mercy, on April 28th. The  first single, “My Lips Shall Utter Praises”,  features new gospel artist, Shelly Massey.

Ben Tankard aka “The Quincy Jones of Gospel” will be releasing his 16th CD, entitled Mercy Mercy Mercy on April 28th. Tankard has a smooth sound that I really like. One of my favorite gospel music CDs of his is the Christmas one.

Distinguishing his music from that of secular ‘smooth jazz’ artists, Tankard says:  “It’s not a technical thing, it’s a spiritual thing. I believe that there is a spirit that God breathes onto my music that gives people a different feeling than the music from someone who is not of inspirational origin…And words put you on a thought path too.  So, if I title my song ‘Heavenly Vibes,’ then you’ve got Heaven on your mind before you even hear the first note.”

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Ben & Jewel Tankard

Photo: Ben Tankard Ministries

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Ben Tankard has stood the test of time and remains a favorite in Gospel music. I’m looking forward to his new release.

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