New Gospel Music: God’s Image

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New Gospel Music from God’s Image

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Branden Anderson, says that the 10 years it took for his group to record their CD was time well-spent learning, making mistakes and growing. The name of the group is G.I. (God’s Image) and their new CD comes out tomorrow.

I saw them on 106 and Gospel Sunday and was impressed with their performance and interview. Their first single “Get Up” is getting quite a bit of play on radio and making its way up the Billboard and Radio & Records gospel music charts. You can see the video forĀ  the song on BET and Gospel Music Channel.

G.I. will embark on a week long publicity tour of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Atlanta before heading on to more regional shows at churches, Christian clubs and, the band hopes, some universities.

“We have issues that we want to spread about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but we want to spread the message of striving and reaching for your goals and dreams,” Anderson said. “There’s nothing special about us, but we worked hard. If we can do it, anybody can.” Source

 New Gospel Music: Gods Image

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