Y’Anna Crawley is Sunday Best!!!

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Gospel Music competition has named Y’Anna Crawley as the Sunday Best winner!


Check back tomorrow for details about the show. Everything was awesome and I enjoyed watching it. My favorite parts of the show were Jessica singing “I Surrender All” and BeBe and CeCe singing their new single.

In the meantime check out what  Y’Anna Crawley and Jessica Reedy had to say over at The Gospel According To Torrence.

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  1. says

    I am very proud of both ladies. Y’anna and Jessica. I only wish Y’anna had shown a little emotion when announced as winner.

  2. erica says

    I agree with Nick. Both were great. I too am a little confused by the lack of emotion expressed by Y’Anna. It was almost as if she was told ahead of time. Also, I noticed that she acted as if she did not want to sing the final song which was odd to me. I wish the best for both and I’m positive that Jessica will drop a cd before the year is out. Her style is so fresh!

  3. cynthia says

    Don’t want to sound negative, but I did not want Y’anna to win. I saw something early on in the competition that suggested that she was very arrogant. Last nite’s lack of emotion proved that to be so. Either she was told ahead of time or my speculation about her arrogancy was proven. She seemed to think that she just “knew” that she had won and there was no point in all of the emotion………….or maybe I will give her the benefit of the doubt – maybe she’s just not the emotional type. Yeah right. I really wish Jessica had won; however, she has probably already been approached for record deals. I wish her nothing but the best.

  4. Jelaina says

    highly upset about Jessica Reedy not winning Sunday’s Best. Dont get me wron Y’anna can sing but she just didnt do anything for me. With Jessica I had some type of connection I felt the annointing all over that girl. The things she did with her voice were so amazing, she brought a tear to my eye when she sang

  5. nikki says

    I am very disappointed for JESSICA she did very well i think she was the one to be the winner and not Y Anna her style is too freshly and not in the spirit when jessica sing she even made the judges cry she sings with emoition

  6. Shicks7017 says

    Well I am very proud of Y’anna! I voted for her 50 times. If I could have voted more I would have. Jessica’s voice did nothing for me. She sung every song in the same note and did every song with a Jazz feel. I enjoyed watching the show. I wished the two finalist could have been Latiece and Y’anna, then I would have had a hard time tryna come to a decision, because Latiece was just good. She had a powerful, spirit lead voice. All she did was open her mouth. She didnt have to struggle or strain to sing. But I wish Y’anna nothing less than the best. I love her style and her confidence. She is just a woman who knows who she is and enjoys sangin’. And I know that if somebody sings out the side of they mouth, They can SANG! I think that everyone who is “hating” on Y’anna should just back off. You never know what kind of woman she is. God could have promised her that. People are always putting there mouths on people. That’s okay! God hears and he knows all!


  7. hope says

    I feel the right lady was picked.They both were and are great! I just really appreciated the way they both sang and i told think anyones singing was less spritual than anyone elses.

  8. TANIA says


  9. says

    Was happy to just now find out that Yanna was the winner. Yanna, you were my choice. I tried to stay awake to see for myself but now I’ve got the watch VOD or re-runs to see your reaction, so I can know what is meant in other comments about your lack of emotion! Oh by the way, I voted. I didn’t jus hope, I was pro active! Good luck and God bless you child!

  10. Evelyn says

    i was very disappointed as well that Jessica did not win. I love her fresh alternative to the usual strong vocals in Gospel. She was bad, So was Anna but each year, we here her style of singing and it is just like the previous year. Just last year our Sunday Best winner was one with strong vocals. It is time to switch things up and try new avenues. I guess the world is not not ready for something new…

  11. joyce says

    why n ot jessica she would hace shown more happiest in her winning and would have been so real about it. but God has a bigger plan for her. Watch for Jessica we all have purpose in this life.

  12. Dominique says

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for all your comments! I appreciate everyone’s opinions. It was hard for me to pick between the two because I like both their styles.

    I’m happy for both of the ladies. They did a wonderful job and touched many lives in the process.

  13. Rudy says

    I agree with everything Shicks7017 said. I thougt it should have been Latiece and Yanna, was not feeling Jessica at all. Dont get me wrong she had a lot of passion and was a great singer but I also felt that she sang every song the same way and I could not see myself listning to a cd of her singing everything the same way.

    I wish all top three ladies the best of Gods blessings as well as the other contestants !

    My main issue is with the judges and the show in general. I dont think that it was right that we only got to vote at the end, we should have been the ones to decide who the top folks were going to be, I was rarely in agreement with the judges choices. Some of them would not know real annointing if it bit them !

  14. Tam says

    I voted for Jessica. Y’Anna has a wonderful voice, but honestly…….keepin’ it real y’all… her voice can be heard in any black church on any given Sunday morning across this nation. Really good and really loud. Is she a singing sista’? Absolutely!!! But is she different or unique….. does she have her own flavor? I’d have to say no.

    Erica & Tina of MaryMary said it best and said it over and over again week after week: ‘Jessica….your style is what’s missin’…. it’s fresh and it’s relevant’.

    The earlier criticism that Jessica’s style lacked variety/depth is misplaced because it is different than anything currently offered in the gopsel music market (except perhaps Burrell).

    Jessica…..Latiece…..I can’t wait to buy both projects. Y’anna…..unless it differs from what I heard in service yesterday morning…..probably not…but we’ll see. Congratulations to them all. The kingdom is richer because of all of their gifts 😉

  15. stacy says

    Y’Anna it sounds like to me that u have haters already. Yes Jessica is a great singer but america felt that u was Sunday’s Best so don’t let negative comments about people saying Jessica should have won get to u and if they stop being judgemental they would know that Jessica is a winner cause she also will sign a contract so stay encourage and keep giving God the praise cause you are Sunda’s Best.

  16. says

    I agree and don’t agree with Tam, you don’t hear a voice like Y’anna in any African American church on Sunday am because, many of the vocalist of this era don’t have any abilities, much less talent too sing(you can forget the annoiting). Jessica was okay, but her delivery in my opinion was that of a young lady being the “star” lead vocalist in her local church “YOUTH CHOIR”! In winning this venue, one must remeber that, the vocalist has to have the ability to hold their audience attention for the endurance of a concert. I wasn’t feeling that with Jessica, maybe b/c she is still young, but then again, let’s take a look at Kierra Sheard, she is in the age bracket of Jessica and she has an annoiting, along with being able to maintain her listening audience with in a concert. As for Y’Anna, she showed her capability of singing any genre of Gospel music. Her skills will enable her to sing from a Mahalia Jackson style to a Tramaine Hawkins or Kim Burrell. In other words there is more of a versatility in her style. Here again, we are looking for “SUNDAY’s BEST”!!!. As for the judges, ummmm…
    BeBe, was fine, but that Tina, of Mary Mary, couldn’t judge any type of vocal ability personally for me. Her attitude was not that of an experienced songstress in Gospel or any field of music. She needs to be eliminated from the show. In my opinion she has no talent whatsoever, other than to wear styles that are not for the Gospel community.

  17. Mià says

    Tam is right on it. I’m not covinced that Y’anna is sold out to gospel music. Check out her Youtube interview for the DC GO-GO awards show in which she announced thay she was dropping an album for that genre. Kirk asked her what was she doing a year ago and she said just sitting home wondering what she was going to do. Well her TV interview I think, is more revealing. Only a select few make it industry wise in Gospel. So, if your hear is not really in it, you will cross over in a heart beat.


    I want to hear Y’Anna sing everyday. Anointing, no one knows the “Heart” but God. The last three contestants were great. However Y’Anna, this Canadian Lady love your voice, your style, and the way you glorify the Lord. I can wait for your CD. I will help sell it any part of the world. I told all my friends about you and they watch the show for the first time and enjoyed it tremdously. Y”anna continue to sing the way you sang on “Sunday Best” You’re amazing. God saw everything. I also love the way you sang “Yes, Jesus loves me” YOur words were clear, you know when to bring in the jazz and when to just let the vocals flow. I certainly could enjoy a concert with the three ladies. I wish all the contestants that participated in the contest all the best.

  19. says

    To God Be The Glory!!! Jessica it is not over by a long shot. You did so wonderful, I am still listening to your songs over the internet. You really blesses me every time you performed, you ministered to my soul. It is not easy to minister to someone soul. I feel your spirit when you minister through song. I pray that you will continue to be a blessing through songs for Christ Jesus. Tina, Erica & Bebe said it best, your voice is necessary for the gospel industry today. Keep on being an instrument in songs for the Lord Jesus Christ Jessica. You are a winner in my heart.

  20. says

    I watched every episode ( includsing reruns) but missed the finale. Shame on me! The last three were so different and amazing that I could not have chosen a winner. Besides, I don’t really feel comfortable judging the message of God based on the messenger. I watched only to be blessed with wonderful people doing what God told/allowed them to do. Congratulations to each every contestant and Y’Anna. There can only be one winner on the stage but it’s what you do after the curtains close that truly has meaning!

  21. Tam says

    Kim…I think you are right about not hearing Y’Anna’s level of talent all over the nation. I should really have said all over my home town…i.e. Detroit. There are lots of Y’Anna’s in the “D”. We don’t have a lock on it but the concentration of internationally acclaimed gospel artists runs deep in these parts ;-).

    Like….Charles Nicks; Aretha; Vanessa Bell; The Winans; CeCe/BeBe; Angie & Debbie; Vicki; Twinkie; Dorinda; Karen; Kiki; Mattie Moss; Bill Moss Sr & Jr; J. Moss & PaJam; Commissioned; Rudolph Stanfield; Fred Hammond; Cedric Dent (of Take 6); Thomas Whitfield; Rance Allen; Marvin Sapp; Deitrick Haddon; Byron Cage….and soon perhaps Jessica Reedy will be added to the list :-). Little known factoid…. Yolanda Adams 1st solo project ‘Just As I Am’ 1988 was arranged/produced/recorded by Thomas Whitfield in Detroit using backup singers from the Thomas Whitfield Co. of Detroit on the Sounds of Gospel (SOG) label of….. you guessed it Detroit.

    Regarding the reference to Kiki being in the same age group. While that is very true, we have to remember that she’s an industry veteran with well over 15 years of performing/recording experience.

    Maybe we’ll get to see the three finalists on tour together? That would be awesome. A little bit of every style for everybody…after all God’s kingdom is rich with variety 🙂

    Peace y’all

  22. Ronnie says

    I think Y’anna showed great emotion, she was confident in her ability and her trust in GOD. Since when is having faith in yourself considered to be arrogant. If you don’t toot your own horn who will. I liked Jessica also but Y’anna deserved to win, her passion for the Lord was evident every time she performed. People show emotions in different ways just because it was not what you expected does not mean it was not there. Have faith in her, GOD does.

  23. says

    Ms. Crawley is a powerful anointed singer. From the first time I heard her vocals, it brought tears to my crys. I hope those that are commenting are christians and if so, please repent because you do not know that young ladies heart. Keep in mind, she had been away from her children for a long period of time, she sanged strong and hard probably everyday while there to compete and if you noticed she was hoarsed during the last two weeks of perfomances, honestly, she looked a little dehydtrated. The other young lady had talent, but not the level of soul as crawley. Jessica, her gift as to be trained, she’s a bit to jazzy when singing and that’s only because she believed that what the audience expected of her, but if you back and pay attention to the audience, those people responded to the anointing and that was Crawley.

    In my closing, as for Crawley, that girl is BAD I mean she can sangggggg! I loved her rendition of “Waiting on the world to change”

  24. says

    Well not that my opinion and a dime would buy a cup of coffee – I thought the last 3 singers were unique in their own way. Each had there own style. I did, however, think that the final 2 should have been Latiece and Y’anna because they were the 2 most versatile. But I am sure all three have a wonderful future ahead of them and will go on to bless many with God’s favor and anointing. I wish them the best!

  25. Dominique says

    I agree that Jessica, Latice, and Y’Anna have a wonderful future ahead of them.

    Thanks for commenting, Glojo.

  26. zeenzeen says

    I loved the show. I actually started to like the group Mary Mary. To the one that said Tina should be replaced. That probably won’t happen since they are executive producers along with Kirk and Bebe. I think it is great that they found something for the gospel industry, because if you go on some of thes other shows and you are truly saved, you will be out of place and impressed upon to compromise, if you only sing gospel. Whew!!!! I liked the singers, I felt like Y’anna got better and better as time went by, including the way she was dressed. Jessica was okay, but it had to be a real competition and not because you feel sorry for someone. My mom was saying all along the Y’anna was going to win. As stated, the exposure that they received, if they are truly worthy, and if it is God’s plan fo them you will see them again. I say the 2 ladies from last years cd in walmart just yesterday. What I really want to know is how can I get on the show????

  27. Spoiled says

    I so loved Jessica she was different and anointed they should create a category for her unique sound and call it Neo- Gospel dont get me wrond I liked and enjoyed both Y’anna and Jessica but Jessica OMG!! she did it for me.Highly Anointed is the spirit I received from Jessica.

  28. says

    i think the winner did a very good job. my daughter and i watch the last show almost everyday (DVR) my daughter is twelve and she turns it up to hear promise. im just grateful gospel music is embracing my daughter..

  29. Dominique says

    Hi Keva,

    I’m glad your daughter enjoys Sunday Best and Y’Anna singing The Promise. Y’Anna has inspired a lot of people through Sunday Best.

    Thanks for posting!

  30. Sylvia M says

    I’m so dissappointed in the negative comments about Y’Anna it’s a shame that the people saying are the ones watching Sunday’s Best which I wuld like to think have been saved and therefore you DON’T JUDGE NO ONE!!!!!! If Y’Anna did’nt show emotions that’s the way she praise God she does’nt have to praise the way you feeel she should praise. Y’Anna YOU ARE AWESOME AND “I” THANK GOD FOR YOU AND I KNOW YOU HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO CHANGE LIVES WITH YOU POWERFUL ANNOINTING VOICE. THANK GOD FOR THE BRILLIANT JUDGES THAT PICKED YOU FOR THE AUDITION AS WE ALL KNOW THY ARE WISE YOU’VE PROVEN THAT TIME AND TIME AGAIN. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU. LOOKIN FORWARD TO BUYING “EVERYTHING” YOU PUT OUT.

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