Y’Anna Crawley Wins and There Was No Confetti

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Gospel Music Competition Sunday Best Names Winner


Y'Anna Crawley-2009 Sunday Best Winner

I was sooo excited about the Sunday Best finale! Twitter was good to go and even my kiddies were pumped up.

I’m going to start off with my feelings about the ending of the show. It was wack!! When the winner was announced there was no excitement, no confetti, no nothing. Maybe because the show was taped in such a tight time period the final contestants were a bit tired. Not to mention they taped two endings, so it was probably a bit hard to feign excitement two times.

With that being said, I still enjoyed the show. Things started off with Kirk Franklin talking about the Lincoln MKS the winner would receive. They went and sat in the car and played around with the built in GPS system that I really, really need in my car. Then Donald Lawrence lit up the stage with one of my favorites, “Back To Eden”. I loved the performance!

Then the final two, Jessica and Y’Anna, sung New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain”. I’m still thinking about that song choice and I still don’t quite get it, but they sounded wonderful on the song. They blended perfectly. Y’Anna was a bit hoarse throughout the show, but she worked around it and still did a great job. Jessica’s vocals were spot on to me. She has such a pretty voice.

Next Y’Anna did a good job on a very popular Donald Lawrence song, “Encourage Yourself”. Jessica had me just staring at the tv screen in total silence during her version of “I Surrender All”, and she had BeBe Winans and Erica in tears. Her version was perfectly done. I gonna have to go back and watch that on the DVR.

After Jessica took everybody “there”, BeBe and CeCe took the stage and reminded everybody why they are loved the world over for their gospel music. They sung “Close To You”, new gospel music from their upcoming  album.  You can hear it at the BeBe and CeCe myspace. It was great to see them singing together again. After they sung, Kirk Franklin had everybody in stitches giving his critique of their performance.

Then it was time to announce the 2009 Sunday Best winner. After some suspense on Kirk Franklin’s part, Y’Anna Crawley was announced as the winner. I was waiting for tears, waving arms, running around the stage, something. But…. the moment everyone was waiting for was kinda lackluster. It put a damper on things for me, maybe because I was thinking about the last finale with Shari & Crystal which had way more excitement.

Y’Anna’s closing song was “I Promise”, the first single from her upcoming CD. As she was singing, my hubby said, “Is she lip-synching?”. When I looked closer I could see that she was holding the mic closer than normal to her mouth. I’m holding out hope that she wasn’t. Because if she was, the ending was more wack that I thought. Anyway it’s a good song and many people twittered that it sounded like a Brandy track.

I loved this years Sunday Best in spite of the missing confetti. I’m so happy for Y’Anna because she worked hard and saw it through until the end. I’m happy for Jessica because even though she didn’t win she won the hearts of many with her beautiful smile, sweet spirit and tender voice. I look forward to both their projects and their contributions to the gospel music world.

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Jessica Reedy

Photo Credit: Michael Hollenbeck | The Saginaw News

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  1. Dani_DC says

    It was sad to see them go! I love this show and this season had some truly special talent. Y’Anna and Jessica, so different but soooooo very talented. In the end, the two best were standing! I agree…the ending was wack. We (my family and I) were more excited and energetic then they were. Oh no…was Yannie really lip-sinching? She sounded really breathy in spots so I thought it might’ve been authentic…maybe not. Either way, the song was great! Y’Anna has one of those “old soul” voices to me. I too love Jessica Reedy …I can’t wait until she and Y’Anna come out with their albums. By the way, what did you think about the judges axing Dontavious Boatright? I was astonished!

  2. Tlcjones says

    I picked Y’Anna to win from the beginning of the show, as I did Crystal from last season. And I’m Glad she did…..Anyway I believe that each of the 3 ladies standing displayed 3 different and unique styles of singing, which will bring something fresh to the Gospel Industry. They are blessed to be able to witness in song to so many lost soul that need a word, and that’s what it’s all about. Contest will come and go but the Words that are song in the name of the Lord will stand the test of time. So people “Don’t hate but Congratulate Y’Anna on a job well done” God’s faithful servant of music.

  3. Dominique says

    Hi Dani_DC & Tlcjones,

    I agree that the show had some awesome talent. Y’Anna & Jessica were so different it was hard to choose between their styles. Both of their gifts will bring something special to gospel music.

    Dontavies was an awesome talent also. I’m sure we will be hearing from him soon. All of the contestants got great tv coverage. They just have to use it to their advantage.

    Great to hear from you! Thanks to everyone for posting. Don’t be strangers. 🙂

  4. MIN says

    I like that Gospel is being highlighted like never before through Sunday Best. I did not feel as excited about this season as I was the last one. Something just seemed to be missing. I guess as I think about it, last season seemed to be performed live EVERY show – and definitely the finale. Last season seemed to be more spirit-filled than this one. As for the winner — Y’Anna is more vocally versatile than Jessica – Although Jessica sung with more anointing, she is not the traditional gospel singer. Her sound is more urban/hip-hop which is not fully accepted yet in the “church”.
    Be Blessed! MIN

  5. MIN says

    I kinda do think that YAnna was pre-recorded because she was hoarse by song #2!! Plus — That choir sounded TOO good (Sops was on them sky-highs) to have been singing with no help — the director was almost off the stage — how could they have been watching him

    PPS I loved the judges reaction to Jessica’s last song!!! She was so on point!!!

  6. A. Young says

    I have to agree with Dominique. I found it very strange that everyone, inlcluding Y’Anna, thanked God for “bringing them thus far” and yet, when the winner was announced–not a thank you echoed in the room–at least from Y’Anna. I do not understand the ins and outs of recording and I really don’t know how many times the ending had to be recorded (I heard two), but I was extremely disappointed that Y’Anna showed very little emotion. I thought that she was going to cry and fall on her knees and thank God since He revealed her purpose, but to my dismay, she was just a little bit too reserved. But then again, who am I to judge her. Just because that would have been my reaction, I cannot tell someone how to worship their God.

  7. Pooh says

    I THink That the winner of SUNDAYS BEST should have been Erica Reedy..Hands Down!!! When she sings, its not for show unlike so many of the contestants on the show!!!! Erica, Tina, Kirk, and BEBE….ya’ll let a good one fall through the cracks this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SAD!!!

  8. Dominique says

    Hi Pooh,

    It was a good season on Sunday Best wasn’t it?? I think both Jessica and Y’Anna were great. I know we all had our favorites, but I enjoyed what they both brought to the table. They had different styles which made for a great show. I’m looking forward to their new releases.

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. says

    Well i am glad that Y’anna Crawley won she deserved it and she was great the last son “The Promise” was so wonderful i mean she already sounded like a star she was just terrific and i can not wait until her cd comes out!

  10. Dominique says

    Hi Chelsea,

    Y’anna was a pleasure to watch throughout the show. I can’t wait to get her CD either. I know it’s going to be good.

  11. Dominique says

    I enjoyed Y’anna too on Sunday Best. I’m looking forward to her new CD.

    Thanks for everyone for their comments! I appreciate it and enjoy reading them.

  12. Ms Fontenot says

    I think that she was so surprised that she won that she was lost for words. I really would have been pleased with anyone of them winning. We will see Ms. Reedy again! I can’t wait for Y’anna’s CD to be released! I am a praise and worship dancer at my chuch and I can’t wait to minister to “The Promise”!

  13. Stephanie says

    I watched BET SUNDAY BEST in January 2010 and your voice blew me away.My first show you blew me away with the song about Grandma. You truly deserve the win and I cannot wait for the album to be released.MAY GOD CONTINUALLY BLESS YOU,YOUR FAMILY AND KEEP ON SINGING TO THE HEAVENS.

  14. Rolda Syllne says

    God do things sometimes we could never understand. He does whatever he thinks is best. Agree or not with the decision, there’s nothing you can do about it. You cannot change your destiny. You voted for Jessica, but God was the judge that the and he knows who he wanted to be the winner. Jessica, oh my God this girl can sing, and I hope she continue to sing for the Lord cause her chance might be next. Y’anna, God bless you and your family. Congrats!!

  15. says

    Well I”m so proud of Ayanna. Know matter anyone says that young lady can sing. It is that down home singing that I remember growing up. I tell people about this new artist evey chance I get. So babygirl keep on doing Gods work and be glad when your cd comes out! Pray you Gods speed.


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