Thanks To Kiki’s Mixtape I’m Officially in the Christmas Mood!!

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Get the MP3 of the Gospel Song “This Christmas” by Kierra Sheard

I’ve been enjoying the new gospel music CD, KiKi’s Mixtape, by Kierra Sheard! The CD is a great collection of Kierra’s biggest gospel songs, including “You Don’t Know” and the classic “Why Me”. You will also find three previously unreleased tracks to check out.

The kiddies and I were listening to it after a homework session at the library when “This Christmas” came on. The song changed the entire vibe in the car. My oldest kiddie, who is a bit cynical at times, was perturbed to hear Christmas music in October, but my little kiddie was elated. “This Christmas” is one of his favorites–and mine. We’ve both heard this song sung by many different artists, but Kierra’s version quickly rose to top status with us. Thanks, Kierra for getting us ready for the holiday season!! We won’t worry about my oldest–he’ll come around eventually.

Have you got Kiki’s Mixtape yet? What are your favorite gospel songs on it?


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