Just Because…I Really Like Brian Courtney Wilson’s New CD

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Gospel Song “All I Need” by Brian Courtney Wilson

This gospel music CD has been getting a lot of play in my MP3 player lately. My favorite gospel songs on the album are “All I Need”, “Already Here”, and “Almighty God”. Be sure to check out the album, I think you’ll like it.

All I need is a touch from you,
No one else can do the things you do,
Take the wrong in my life and make it right,
All I need is a touch from you.

Lord I’m standing in the need of prayer,
When I call Lord I know you’re there,
Reach your hand down from heaven,
And pull me through,
All I need is a single touch a touch from the master,
All all I ever need is a touch from you.

If you touch me,
I’ll change my lose to win,
If you touch me,
I shall live again,
Take the wrong and make it right,
All I need is a touch from you,
All I need is a touch.

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  1. Dominique says

    Hi Shanquina,

    I agree! “All I Need” & “Already Here” are my favorites. I got a chance to see him sing a few songs on New Year’s Eve at St. John’s Church in Houston which was kinda cool.

  2. Cynthia Smith says

    Wow! I have to say Thank you for ministering to my heart and soul. The first timI heard this song I knew God was speaking to me Direct at thatpoint I knew it was time to let go and certainly let GOD. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.

  3. simonne says

    i have been singing this song for a week ans i will not stop until i get a touch . all i need is a touch just one touch oh god oh god

  4. Marlena says

    Good Morning All,

    ALL I NEED IS A TOUCH FROM THE LORD….everytime I hear this song I get so emotional and I am so thankful that songs are being made to minister to our hearts, soul and mind….

  5. Dominique says

    Hi Marlena,

    I think that is the reason why the song is so popular. It ministers in so many ways. Thanks for posting!

  6. Michelle says

    healing hands on me……all i need is to be touched by you……remindeds me of the woman in the bible when all she wanted to do was touch the hem of his garment…..Moved everthing inside of me….just when i felt empty and alone, just when i was about to throw the towel in and say this is not going to work, just when i was about to give up the fight a friend called and I was sharing with her exactly what i was felling and she said go get on your computer pull up the song “All i need is to touched by you” listen to it then call me back……..BUT GOD ………………BUT GOD ………….BUT GOD…………BUT GOD……….

  7. Dominique says

    This is why I love this song……..all we need is one touch from God and everything changes for the good. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Katria Driessen-Parker says

    This song really lifted me up today. Wasn’t having the gratest day and on the way home from school, it came on the radio and my soul stirred. I love it and it’s become one of my favorites. I’m not perfect, and this song just said it all because a touch is truly all we need. God’s love is truly amazing and I give Him all the praise and thanksgiving, for blessing my spirit with this amazing song. Thank you.

  9. Dianna & Dennis says

    The song is just beautiful and the words touches the spirit…………An inspiration, but food for the soul.

  10. Olivia Scott says

    I truly love this song. It is an inspiration to my mind, body, and soul. I thank GOD for what he has done in my life and this song is living proof that GOD is real. I would just like to thank Mr. Wilson for singing this song so that he can minister to God’s people on a daily basis. Be Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tia says

    I just got awaken by ALL I NEED on Fox 45 NEWS. I have never heard this song or even heard of the artist but it touched me so much that i got up out of my sleep. thank you so much I needed it this morning. God works in mysterous ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dominique says

    Hi Tia,

    I saw that Brian Courtney Wilson posted about that on his facebook page. I’m glad you got a chance to see it! Be sure to get the CD, it’s a great one.

    Thanks for commenting!

  13. katherine says

    This song is just beautiful, it touches my soul everytime I hear it. And God is GOOD….

  14. Dominique says

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for your comment! I love Brian Courtney Wilson’s music too.

  15. Cynthia G says

    The first time that I actually heard this song, it truly touched my heart and ministered to me. I played it repeatedly until the words were memorized.
    I really believe and desire just ONE touch from the Master’s hand.
    Brian that song was truly delivered to you from Lord

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