Did You See Yolanda Adams on the Monique Show? Check it…….

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Gospel Music Artist Yolanda Adams Appears on The Monique Show

Just awesome. Yup, she went in. lol

At the end of the song she said that five years ago her heart was broken. “Somebody walk in your house you paying the bills for telling you they don’t love you no more? That don’t work for me!”

Yup, Ms. Yolanda, it’s already alright and God won’t put on us more than we can bear. Great message.

The gospel song “Already Alright” can be found on the Mountain High Valley Low CD. That CD also has the gospel songs “In The Midst of It All” & “Open My Heart”, so it would be a great one to add to your gospel music collection.

Don’t forget to get Yolanda’s new book Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose! Make it a Yolanda Adams gospel music (and reading) weekend. lol


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Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose

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