Marvin Sapp’s The Best In Me a hit at Celebration of Gospel 2010

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Gospel Song-He Saw The Best in Me by Marvin Sapp

One of the most popular songs sung on Celebration of Gospel 2010 was Marvin Sapp’s new gospel song “The Best in Me”. He sung it as part of a tribute to Steve Harvey. It’s a simple song with a powerful message. It’s going to be on the new gospel music CD entitled Here I Am which will be released March 16, 2010.

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  1. Valeria says

    He Saw The Best In Me is another stella song ,it encourages me to go on.Marvin I pray God continue to Bless You. He saw the best in all of us some of us just don’t know it yet.

  2. Dominique says

    Hi Valeria,

    This song is a great follow up to Never Would Have Made It. It’s one of my favorites too. Thanks for posting.

  3. genia says

    i feel like marvin made this song just for me. God truly see the best in me an for that i am truly grateful

  4. TDenny says

    I thank God for gospel singers like Marvin Sapp. He saw the best is a powerful song, what a god sent message it brings to troubled hearts and minds. I don’t have the words to express what i felt when i heard it, all i could do was cry, raise my hands and give him the glory, not just for myself for my family and all the troubled people I know and don’t know. I thank God because he saw the best in us, he didn’t give up on us when we gave up on ourselves and others gave up on us. Because of him I can say look at us now , Thank you Jesus “HE SAW THE BEST” when no one else could see or even wanted to. I just want to run and shout about it, He Saw The Best, What a Beautiful Message this song has.

  5. Itohan says

    what a powerful song, He saw the best in me, when everyone else saw me as a criminal when i was just practising a victorious christian life, when i was handed over the authority for no reason, when everyone gave up on me, when i even gave up on myself, He saw the best in me and delivered me, praise God forever more, He only sees the best in us.

  6. Tamira says

    This song almost made me pull over at 4a.m. on my way to work….Instead I cried out thank you Jesus.

  7. renay wade says

    This is thus far the most inspiritational song I know if only he knew how much and deeply this song has touched my soul and uplifted my spirits, I have a family member that needs prayer daily the words could not have come at a better time, may God continue to flow in Marvins mind and spirit the true ness in him is fanominal, I truly wish him the best keep on blessing and letting God use you through your music.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  8. kathy mcclough says

    Marvin this song is very encouraging “He Saw The Best In Me”,. my daughter just recently had a baby, and she sometimes feels as if no one loves or care about her, and that she is not a good mother…This song inspires me to remind her of the good things that she is doing…My God bless you and your family…Keep up the good work…

  9. Darren Warren says

    I just want to add I just turned 39 from East St. Louis Illinois, and being a male growing up in those times was tuff. But by following the lord and thanking him for everything, and I mean Everything has made me the man I am today. This song is just an official stamp to my success.

  10. Cheryl Brooks says

    Your song has gotten me over a lot of differcult times. When I hear it, it makes me realize that he is the only one who can judge me. People can say whatever they want because it doesn’t matter God knows my heart and soul and he loves me without reservation. Thank you being such a great man of God you have touched many lives with your songs

  11. doris sheppard says

    this song is very inspirational,he saw the best in me,i love it …the words are so uplifting,this song keep playing over and over in my head.

  12. Mattie says

    This is one of my favorite songs..yes God did see the best in me..regardless of how people point fingers and think that I’ll never amount to anything ..he looked beyond my faults and he saw the best in me..I praise God for that.

  13. Kareem says

    When I heard this song for the first time, I was with my wife. We both looked at each other and we both teared up. Everyone in my life from family, to teachers to counselors to family friends told me that I was a bad apple and I would never be anything. I use to believe them. I have been to jail several times, I’ve been homeless, helpless and everything in between. Then I met a woman who helped me to see that I am more than how others saw me. God has always seen the best in me. Thank you Marvin Sapp for putting what my wife made me see into such powerful and heartfelt words. God bless you and everyone who this song touches.

  14. Dominique says

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Marvin Sapp’s song has made a difference in the lives of many people.

  15. Joshua says

    To song is a personal testimony and Marvin sings good songs that make you think about REAL MOMENTS in life where you know it was nobody but GOD.

  16. jackiewhiting says

    Thank you Marvin Sapp for another one! What a poweful song with a message that everyone should here. The LORD sees the BEST in all of us!

  17. says

    I just love this song it is surely a blessing. God placed this song in a vessel that would sing it from the depths of your Spirit! This is awesome don’t ever play, but continue to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you like Rivers of Living Water to Encourage, Heal, Deliver and Set people FREE, Alive and Well. You are Bless to be a Blessing to us. Always remember that a talent is just a talent if there’s is no Anointing, BUT A Talent With An Anointing Destroys yokes. Stay Anointing Marvin because you are a vital part of the body. To GOD be the GLORY for the Great things HE IS doing through and in you!

  18. Javon says

    I love this song cuz this is the song on my sisters voicemail on her cell phone and she recently passed away. Everytime i hear it I think of her.

  19. Roland Gardner says

    This song was written for people that never had a kind word .Words are powerful. They can build you up or tear u down. God always has a good word for us . Thank God for empowering those words in Marvin . Continue to allow God to use you.

  20. ariel pitts says

    i just want to thank god for every little and big thing he has done for me and family and i know i may be lose my grandmother soon but i know that god will take me and my family through it all thankyou god and i love you more than this world will ever know and thank you for only seeing me for who i am and i now understand i do have my best and worst and you only see the best and only care about the best and the worst means nothing to you as long as we turn it around

  21. Doug m says

    This song is very powerful and fulfilling to the soul,because it does not matter what people think of you or feel about you,GOD Can always look deeper and see the best in us all

  22. laquita stover says

    I’m going through a rough time right now and i turned the radio on one day cleaning.This day i was depressed just didn’t know what i was gonna do and so much on my mind.This song came on something went through me i stopped cleaning and just held my hands up and just cried because this song touch me so deep.

  23. says

    I give glory to god. He is so awesome i can’t explain it. When i hear that song it just minister to me. That God saw something in me when I couln’t see in my self and because of that I do my best every day no matter how I’m feeling do do his will not my own because what he has done for me and because its the right thing to do. I loove the lord with all my heart and soul. He is worthy of all I have and more. He love me and you so much he gave he only son isn’t that awesome.

    I love you

  24. says

    When I heard this song I was amazed.It cause me to look deep into God’s awesomeness and how I am very special to him, the song speaks of my life and the Love of The Almighty God, He is mine and indeed I am His, and He saw the best in.

    You go God’s servant……..


  25. Cheryl Lewis says

    This song “He Saw the Best in Me” truly touches my soul and all that I can do when I hear it or try to sing it is to just throw my hands in the air and cry out Thank you Jesus for loving an unworthy soul as mind, but you loved me anyway. What a wonderful Savior Jesus Christ!

    May God continue to bless Marvin Sapp!

  26. says

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO; Yes this song, this song, sweet Jesus
    What can i say ? My savior my GOD You, only you saw the best in me when every one all around me saw the west in me. O yes Lord you and only you saw the best in me no matter how bad things gets in my life you always see the best in it as you see the the best in me and that is why i old it all to you.

    my blessing is yet to come and yes LORD i will wait for you no matter what. because i know my blessing is yet to com.

  27. says

    When I first heard this great song on the radio it immediately reminded me of my father who died a few years ago , I had many ups and downs in life but dad always saw good in me and forever let me know of the good .

    Irvin C. Knight – West Chester , Pa.

  28. Dominique says

    Hi Irvin,

    The Best in Me is a touching song that has meant so much to many people. How wonderful that your dad left you such a great legacy.

    Thanks for your comment!

  29. Danyell says

    My heart felt condolences are with the entire Sapp family at this time. I pray that the family finds comfort in knowing that there is no longer any pain, or suffering only rejoicing with the Father. I pray peace to the entire Sapp family and comfort and strength Brother Marvin Sapp and the children. I am praying for you all, continually.

  30. says

    This song is definitely a blessing to me as is Never Would Have Made It. You have a very powerful ministry, and are one of my favorites!!!! From Grace and Mercy up through today I will continue to follow you. I pray the anointing continues to fall upon you to minister as you do. Be Blessed!!!!

  31. Rev. Ercelle Holmes says

    Marvin Sapp’s song “The Best In Me” is a very inspiring song! It is a very anointed song! It touches the spirit of those who hears it. This is a blessed song! Glory to God!

  32. Dominique says

    Hi Rev. Holmes,

    I agree, “The Best In Me” is a song that is very inspirational. I think it’s great that so many of Marvin Sapp’s songs are having such an awesome impact on people.

    Thanks for your comment!

  33. Im gods child no matter what says

    this song is so amazing. It puts u in the best o fspirit,truley lifting and inspirational. I tend to turn this on when I feel like Im having a bad day going thru life’s everyday experience. very simple message GOD GOT US ALL no matter what we’ve done he will forgive and he will always come thru when no one else has belief or trust in us. AMEN.

  34. says

    Nothing but GOD could have Blessed Bro. Marvin Sapp with this song, it touches the heart of everyone that is going thru.
    Thanking for for him, continue to Bless him and keep him.

    Bro. Michael

  35. says

    Marvin Sapp is truly a man sent from GOD to encourage souls that are trouble & weary ,we forget about GOD when we doing US.But no matter what time or day or what we have done.GOD STILL LOVES US and GOD See THE BEST IN EACH AND EVERYONE NOW WE MUST GIVE GOD OUR BEST.HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR ALL OF US NOW THAT IS THE BEST GIFT EVER.


  36. says

    He saw the best in me, when i could not see any best in myself, i had been wrote off and told i would not be much, but he saw the best in me, i am his he’s mines and i am his, it doesn’t matter what i did…. HE STILL SAW THE BEST IN ME WHEN EVERYONE ELSE AROUND ME COULD ONLY SEE THE WORST IN ME……. Glory and Honor to Allah (God) the best knower of all things.

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