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Online Auditions for Gospel Music Competition Sunday Best


Lots of folks are asking about auditioning for the next season of the Sunday Best gospel music competition. Well, according to BET’s website you have a chance to audition online at the Sunday Best website. There will only be two winners of the online competition. If you win you will still have to take a trip to the Atlanta auditions, but you get to skip the open call and will go directly to the callback round with the judges.

Here’s what you have to do:
1. Go to

2. Create a profile and upload your 2 minute video singing one of the hymns from the song list.

3. On January 25 until January 29, the general public will get to vote for their favorite videos.

4. After the first round of votes are counted, the top 50 contestants will be reviewed by the show’s producers. They will choose only ten (10) contestants to go to the final round, known as the “Best & Brightest.”

5. From February 5 through February 10, the public will again get to vote for who they think should win the Sunday Best Online competition. The two (2) contestants with the highest votes will be flown to Atlanta, hang with ME and get to audition for the show’s judges.

Ok, get those videos going to record your favorite gospel songs. You never know, you just may be Sunday Best!

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  1. clarence Giles says

    is it to late for me to audition for sunday best or can just show up and audition please e-mail me with the information.

  2. Ucina says

    I want to know if Sundays Best will ever come to Toronto, CANADA?

    I have been singing since the age of 10. Single mother of 3 beautiful children.

    Please advise

  3. Dominique says

    Hi Ucina,

    It would be wonderful for Sunday Best to go to Toronto. I haven’t heard anything about that yet, but if I do I will be sure to post the information. They have been traveling quite a bit so the possibility is certainly there.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. says

    I have watched Sundays best. What excites me most is the Holy Spirit being radiated through those who praise Him. I said Lord I would give anything to work with that band. They are awsome. I have a lot to offer in the realm of gospel music. The years have passed my by so it seems. But the Spirit of the Lord says to keep trying. Lord send those to me who can assist me. The talent is awsome. Just to appear is a blessing. Man. I am grateful at this point that finally the kingdom is using its talent for the kingdoms sake. Love and peace and joy and may God bless those who uplift His Holy Name. Humbly submitted; Rev. james H. Gaddis

  5. Tamika Coats says

    Hello, I just got back from my American Idol audition in Nashville, TN. I didn’t make it through but, the jugde kept be after to talk to me and told me to audition for Sundays Best. I told him that I would have much prefered to do Sundays Best and that i only came to American Idol because they were so close to where I live. Sundays Best has been a dream for me since the competitions first season. I believe that what God has for me it is for me! And I intend on living my dream doing what I’ve done all my life and what I was put here to do, and that is singing God’s praises, May God bless each and everyone and I pray that you realize your God given purpose like I have. And remember, “What God has for YOU, it is for YOU”!!

  6. Dominique says

    Hi Tamika,

    Thanks for your comment. I wish you all the best at the Sunday Best audition. Be sure to let us know how it goes.

  7. Shereka Jordan says

    I am interested in auditioning for Sunday’s Best and I just want to know when will the next audition be?

  8. says

    Yes I would like to be notified of the location as well as the time of Sunday’s Best 2011 auditions, and if it’s possible a number where I can call to obtain more info if needed. Thanks and God Bless.

  9. Toi Pleasants says

    I would like to audition for 2011 Sunday’s Best and i wanted to know when and where the auditions will be held?

  10. Shedrick Henley says

    Hello yes I have been following the show since the beginning. I think adding Donnie McClurkin was a great idea. I was very interested in the up and coming auditions. If possible could u send me a # and or some info please. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and yours is my prayer

  11. demetris roberts says


  12. Mary says

    I can’t wait to get started with auditioning for sunday best when will you be in new york and tell me how i can sumit a video


    i’ve been singing since i could talk ! in church choirs and in school choirs and just around the house all i know is music! i had given up on singing because i felt as if I wasn’t good enough but for some reason I could just leave my passion alone! TODAY,I NOW KNOW IT WAS GOD! HE TOLD ME I BLESSED YOU WITH THIS GIFT FOR A PURPOSE NOW USE IT ! SO PLEASE SEND ME UPDATES I AM READY TO ANSWER MY CALLING !

  14. lynnetta rodgers says

    I have been watching sunday best since season 2 i’m not trying to audition or anything i just want to know when will the next season of sunday best begin i’m patiently and anxiously waiting for the next season. Expecting greatness in this season as well.

  15. Dominique says

    Hi Tyrone,

    There have not been any dates set yet for the next round of auditions for Sunday Best.

  16. says

    i wish that we could please quit beating around the bush and please let us know when the auditions are because it would be very unproffesional to let us know like three days before it actually happens just sayin but God Bless!!


    Hello, I would like to know when and what is the exact locations for the auditions for Sundays Best of 2011 PLEASE..THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND GOD BLESS

  18. Andrea says

    I would like to know if anyone has found out any dates for sunday best season 4 auditions and if so is there an online audition site? Thank you and may god continue to watch over you.

  19. Dominique says

    Hi Andrea,

    As far as I know there have not been any dates announced yet for auditions. As soon as I know I will be sure to post the information.

    Thanks for posting.

  20. says

    @ J Kelly

    @ Tula

    I have not heard a date for auditions yet. It should be coming up soon. I will be sure to post the information when it becomes available.


  21. psalmist says

    BET wants you! BET Sunday Best is back for Season Four! Auditions take place in locations! First stop is in Dallas Saturday, February 19th from 7am-1pm! Then in Los Angeles March 5th from 7am-1pm! Last, but not least Atlanta March 12th from 7am-1pm. If you plan to audition, please get there early and bring your skills!… Visit or call 855-879-5978 EXTENSION 101 for details.

  22. says

    I’ve been singing gospel music sence the age of
    5 and not only i’m i a great singer I’m an highly annointed singer.
    Some people didn’t believe in me because they said that I wasn’t in the right area to get noticed.I do believe in miracles and I am putting God first.To have a chance to be on Sunday’s best is but a dream that Iam willing to make reality with God’s help and his people please do consider!

  23. says

    MARCH 12 IN ATLANTA 7AM-1PM..see you in ATL

  24. kevin daniels says

    what are the audition dates and places for march…..ive been at early age im in my 30″s now but i think i still got what it takes to b sundays best…..

  25. says

    I just attended the audition today for the Sunday Best. I did’nt make it pass the first round ,but i did it to get in the habit of auditioning and if i did’nt do it , I would have beat myself up very bad.So i would like to encourage anyone with the talent to sing to go for it. It did’nt matter as much that i did’nt win. What mattered that i made the effort to go out and do it and given the opportunity I will audition again. God Bless.

  26. says

    Hi Dylan,

    Thanks for posting your experience at Sunday Best. Sorry you didn’t go to the next round. I agree that it mattered more that you got up and did it.

  27. Mary says

    hey dylan, i would love to talk to you; send me your email or facebook address. re: sunday best.

  28. says

    Hello!!! Took a friend down to ATL for auditions all the way from little ol G-Town,Ky and we had an awesome experience. She had the experience of a lifetime and can SAAAAAANG for JESUS like no one i’ve ever heard.But unfortunately she made it to the second round only,we know that GOD’s got bigger and better for her.And don’t the rest of you give up because of this season in your life.Keep on trusting in GOD!!!!May GOD bless you all for putting forth an effort…….

  29. says

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for taking the time to post about your Sunday Best audition experience. Sounds like your friend is very talented.

  30. calvin boyd says

    I would like to audition for 2011 Sunday’s Best and i wanted to know when and where the auditions will be held?

  31. Anonymous says


    Hi Victoria,

    I haven’t heard anything yet for the next round of auditions. When it becomes available I will be sure to put a post up.

    Thanks for your comment!

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