Thank You by Lisa Page Brooks [Video/Lyrics]

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Gospel Song I Want To Say Thank You by Lisa Page Brooks


For every time that You protected me
When I didn’t know Your name
(Lord I say thank you).
How You loved on me and cared for me,
when I didn’t return the same, I.
(Lord I say thank you)

Now when it seemed like I was losing and I felt like giving up,
I (Lord I) I wanna say (say thank you).
Your love rushed in like a mighty flood and lifted me above, and I (Lord I)
I wanna say (say thank you).

I’ll be thanking You and praising You for the rest of my life.
For I’ve come to know the power of Your love and sacrifice.
(thank You for your sacrifice)
I appreciate all that You do
(everything You do, and I want to say)
Just want to say thank you

Well, how You kept your hand upon me though I’ve often gone astray,
Yeah I ….(Lord I say thank you).
And how Your spirit gently led me back to safety in Your way,
I wanna say, Lord I say thank You.
(and I’ll be thanking You)
I’ll be thanking You and praising You for the rest of my life.
For I’ve come to know the power of Your love and sacrifice.
I appreciate all that You do (I just want to say)
Just wanna to say thank you (all of my days) ,
Just want to say thank you.

(And I’ll give You praise)…just want to say thank you. Lord I thank You.
(Lord I thank You. Yes I do.
Right now I just want to say thank you)
I wanna say! (I wanna say wanna say)
I wanna say thank you. (I just want to say)
I gotta say! (Gotta say, gotta say it, thank you) I gotta say thank you!

(Now you’ve been good) I want to say
(And I want to say)
I want to say thank you
(That you’ve been kind)
I’ve gotta say
(Gotta say, please just let me say)
I’ve gotta say thank you
(You made a way)
I want to say
(You let me see a brand new day)
I want to say thank you
(You never let me go astray)
I gotta say
(And I gotta gotta gotta say)
I gotta say thank you
(Thank you for my family)
I want to say
(Thank you lord for keeping me)
I want to say thank you
(Thank you Lord for bringing me through)
I’ve got to say
(And I thank you for my husband too)
I gotta say thank you
(Thank you Lord for saving me)
I wanna say
(Thank you Lord for loving me)I wanna say thank you
(And I gotta gotta gotta say)
I’ve gotta say
(I want to say, gotta say thank you)
I’ve gotta say thank you
(Thank you thank you)

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  1. Shirley Williams says

    This song is so uplifting. It was such a blessing to me!!!! I just recently went through a divorce and GOD has truly been there through it Alll and I just wanted to say to him THANK YOU!!! I thank God for Blessing Lisa for such and powerful message.

  2. LeLe says

    The first time I heard “I Want To Say Thank You” by Lisa” an emotion came over me, it gave me goose bumps. Lisa sings it so well and the lyrics really touched my heart as I can really relate. I came from a foreign country by myself when I was young and found God during all my trials and tribulations. Coming from a family of non-believers it was something really big for me. Every time I hear this awesome song it brings tears to my eyes because I’m so humbled that God loves me so much and have been blessed me more than I could ever imagine. Praise the Lord and GOD I want to say thank you!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dominique says

    Hi LeLe,

    Thanks for sharing how “I Want To Say Thank You” has impacted your life. It’s one of my favorite songs. Thanks Lisa for such a wonderful song! It has made a big difference in the lives of so many people.

  4. says

    I agree on all these comments. I was going thru some things and didn’t know how i was going to pay my bills! But never the less BUT GODD!!!! I heard this song and been singing it since then love you Lisa!!!!

  5. Margie Washington says

    This song is so uplifting it goes through my mind constantly. I wake up in the middle of the night and I can hear it.

    Is there somewhere I can purchase the printed music, we’ve just got to sing this at my church?

  6. Dominique says

    Hi Margie,

    I love the song too, and like you it plays a lot in my mind also.

    You might want to try I didn’t see it listed, but their selection is large and always being updated. You might try e-mailing them.

  7. Gwen says

    I listen to “I Want To Say Thank You” every single day. Each day is a brand new day with its victories and battles. I just thank God for every experience because He has a plan for me. Listening to this song prepares me for the day. Thank you Lisa Paige Brooks.

  8. Sabrina says

    What a powerful an heart felt song…… I find myself always singing and meditating on the words of this song.

  9. says

    this is one the best songs i have ever heard!! i am going to sing this song in church i a few weeks! thank you lisa for bringing another song to the world that is encouraging and touching!! everytime i hear this song it just touches my soul and make me want to just sing my heart out!! lisa is a blessing in disguised!! THANK YOU!!

  10. Dominique says

    Hi Sis. Willis,

    I agree! I love “I Want To Say Thank You” too. I’m sure the congregation in your church will feel the same.

    Thanks for posting.

  11. Mary says

    Beautiful song. I wish I could sing it as she does. It plays in my spirit. God Bless You.

  12. Dominique says

    Hi Mary,

    It is a beautiful song and it has made a big impact.

    Thanks for your comment.

  13. Dominique says

    Hi Vickie,

    Thanks for your comment. This song is one of my favorites from Lisa Page Brooks.

  14. Linda O'Hara says

    Lisa paige-brooks’s song, “Thank You” is an on time song. We surely have a lot to thank the Lord for and he has definetly been good and kind to us all and he loves us unconditionally … he displayed just how much he loves us when he gave his life for us on Calvary’s cross. This song is so touching and lisa sings it with so much emotion. It stirred up something inside of me and brought tears to my eyes and I just had to through my hands up in praise and say thank you Lord and also Thank you Lisa for blessing us with such an awesome praise and worship song such as this one.

  15. Dominique says

    Hi Linda,

    I agree that this song is so very special. It has touched a lot of people and I’m thankful to Lisa for it.

    Thanks for your comment!

  16. says

    I have been going through some tuff times since of lately, and this song has really uplift my spirit. I really enjoy this song, it really hellping me to go through. This song help me today i was really down and could hear this song playing in my head thank you for family. God i want to say thank you.

  17. Festine L. Butler says

    This is a song thank that I need right now in my life. I say thank your Lord every day for loving and saving me. I lost my mother two years ago and the pain is still hear in my heart. I still have my father and say to the Lord every day.

    Lisa Brooks, I want to say thank you for this song.

    Festine L. Butler

  18. Dominique says

    Hi Festine,

    I lost my mom 2 1/2 years ago so I understand the pain you feel. This song is very special to me too.

    Thanks for your comment.

  19. Festine L. Butler says

    This is a song that I needed to hear right now in my life. I say thank you Lord daily for everthing that you do. I thank him for my family, my children and grand-children. I lost my mother two years ago in 2008. I did not know how my farther would hold up after 67 years of marage to her. My younger brother and I carried him to the hospital in February 2010 because he was havinhg difficaulty breathing. We lift hime there because the doctors in the emercency room told us that they wanted to keep him there over night for observation after they spoke with his primary physician. Later that evening while waiting for room comformation. We were informed that our was being transfered to another hospital because he was having a heart attack. When my younger brother and I arrive to the hospital, his heart specialist told us that there is a posibilty that he would not survive throughout the night. If he did we would only have him for a few days or one to two weeks because he was to old for surgery. No dactor wanted to rud the risk of sergery. My father is 89 years old. God said to the doctors, “No, This Is Not Your Call”. It is now July 2010 and we still have our father with us and he is doing fine. When I took him to see his heart specialist two weeks ago he was in ah!! after the aultra sound report. He told me that the blood vessel blockage to my father’s heart had cleared up. I can only give thanks to God!!!!!!

    Lisa Brooks, I needed a word from God and he gave it to me through your song. “I Want To Say Thank You”. I will forever sing this song in my church choir and throughout my daily life survivor.

    Thank You Festine

  20. C. Davis says

    2010 brought something new and painful to my life, but I have been blessed in more ways than I know. My Pastor often tells us that God is real for real. He still works miracles.. All I can do is say Lord I want to thank you… This song has been in my spirit for a long time and I did not even realize it. But i am so happy and May God bless Lisa Page-Brooks to continue following Jesus as she minister to us in such annointing songs.

  21. Karen says

    Lord, I want to Thank You is a true testimony for my life I could have been dead and gone but Lord you saw it differently and I wanna say Thank you. This song is truLY an inspiration in my life to keep praising the Lord and I know i will come through the storm a better person. LORD i WANNA SAY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Joan Faggins says

    I just wanna say (Thank-You Lord)!!!!!!!!!!. This is the song of all songs. Thank you Lisa Page Brooks for just an uplifting song. I too wake up in the middle of the night sing this song, it is so beautiful . I learning this song so I can sing it in my church. I have many things too Thank God for and I gotta, gotta, gotta say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. "Living Now" says

    I have experienced some great pain from the one that I loved so dearly. I found out that all I did for this loved one was not appreciated and they were doing nothing but disrespecting, being selfish, & using me. They emotionally drained me. 6 years of my life was invested in him & also taken away from me. God was telling & showing me that all I needed was him because he loved me but I refused to listen to the Lord too busy thinking that this person had a Mental disability of some sort & didn’t mean the things that he was doing . I at the time was using that as an excuse, afraid to leave do to the fact that we shared a child together. This man was not a father to our child. It took 3 times for him to be uncaring to our child on the third time I said enough is enough! I refuse to allow my child to be mistreated by anyone especially their own father and put the man in God’s hands. God came into my life and started to submit change in my life. I feel like I am another women now I still have pain but not for the man, but because I foolishly allowed him to ruin my life for 6 years. I am working on that now with the Lord but I want to say Thank You makes me cry every time i hear it because it was nothing but God who has really been there for me. “I am Living Again, Thank You Lord!”

  24. says

    This song has truly blessed my spirit….I am going through a separation right now and the words of this song has literally been poured into my spirit and remains there daily. In spite of it all, the persecution, the lies, the pain, I still gotta say THANK YOU and I thank Lisa Page Brooks for allowing the Lord to use her and her annointing to be a blessing to so many who needs it. I GOTTA SAY THANK YOU!!!

  25. gloria says

    i was hurt when my husband cheat on .i was going to give up on life.but i ask god to hold my hand and his hand.god never let me down i pray about this and i fast.but my heart could not stop hurting.i no i have god in my life this man could been dead.then i list to sister lisa brook husband came to me in ask me forgivess.we been 2 together seen1987.this some years.thank you for this song.

  26. ANDRE says

    This song is so uplifting for the spirit. Today was the first time I heard the song in its entirety. I wanna say thankyou to Lisa Page Brooks for bringing such an annointing song in my life. My mind body and soul understands that God should be thanked by everyone at all times.

  27. Dahlia says


    The 1st time I heard this song, I was touched. I immediately had to go to the computer and google it to see who the singer was. Never heard about u b4 but I must say this song is wonderful…..Thank u God for giving Lisa the voice to speak to me, because this song is truly my song. May the Lord continue to bless u and your family…

  28. Free at last says

    Thank you Lord for this song, in a lot of pain, but 2day I can say Thank you from my heart. I have never been disrespect before like this by a man but 2 day I say Thank you. For the victory

  29. Shirley D. says


  30. says

    I love this song! Everytime I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes. I am a 32 year old mother of three and my husband and I are going through some hard times. When I listen to this song it makes me forget about everything and say thank you for what I do have and for the things that ARE going right in my life. It is truly inspirational.

  31. says

    I’ve lsten to this song soooooooo many times & still i cant get enough……..lisa your voice & this song rare so powerful….God is awsome & i gotta tell him THANK you!

  32. says

    I love this song I listen to it everu morning it brings so much accompllllllllllishmets in my life open up so many things I didn’t know I can do or achieve.

  33. josette chancellor says

    I want to thank GOD for blessing this wonderful woman of God for recording this song I Want To Say Thank You. This song has changed my life in so many ways i use to tell GOD thank you , but when i heard this song i started to tell GOD thank you for everything the number one thing i thank GOD for is my faith and patience .

  34. Tracy K says

    This song is such a blessing, I thank GOD for this woman of GOD. I opens you eyes to so much we take for granted. It makes me say Thank You God even more than I would normally do, it bring tears to my eyes each and everytime I hear it. Tears of Thank and Joy that God has given me.

  35. vickie says

    I thank God for giving the vision of this song to Lisa…….I love it because I just can’t thank him enough….and as my Pastor says “Thank you means room for more” Thank you Lisa Page Brooks!!!!!

  36. says

    This song wakes me up in the middle of the night worshiping God. I dreamed of hearing this song . It reminds me of the story of the ten lepers. Only one came back to say Thanks. We need to let our children hear this song and remind them of how grateful God has been to us. They need to understand that this is not just another song that will be forgotton but one that will cause them to go into worship. Each time I hear it I go into worship. Lisa, I believe that you are the one that came back to tell the Lod Thanks nobody sings like this and not become what they sing about. I thank you for such an annointing song . Be blessed in Jesus name

    Evangelis Juanita Allen
    Dallas , Texas

  37. Dionne B. Long says

    I think God for Mrs Lisa Page Brooks i just want to say thank you help me go through my day when everything is going wrong

  38. HELEN WORLEY says

    I don’t just like the song I love it. It is so sweet and tender, some songs say all of the things you want to say with the sweetness

  39. says

    who wouldn’t want to praise God for the rest of their life? How God’s spirit gently brings us back by keeping His hand on us. i think of my 3sons and i pray they find this peace and hold on to it. i pray they see God in everything………………

  40. CEDRIC says

    For some reason this song is in my head this morning, I just wanna thank him for bringing me thus far.

  41. Evelyn says

    Every time i hear this song i get blessed by you through god. may god always bless you and your husband love your music a lot. sister Evelyn

  42. Fayepettigrew says

    A song to remind me of the goodness of God. How we should be thankful of all that he did.

  43. Jewrel Perry says

    Praise the Lord and thank you for singing this song. Glory with loud shout. God bless you my sister.

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