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Video for gospel song “Playground in Heaven” by Shirley Caesar

You can get the gospel song “Playground in Heaven” by purchasing Shirley Caesar’s album titled A City Called Heaven.

Pastor Shirley Caesar is a gospel music legend who has recorded over 30 solo albums and is a multiple Grammy Award nominee. Her latest album, A City Called Heaven, is another example of Caesar putting out great gospel songs that are loved by all.


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  1. Dietra Burton says

    I love this song..My daughter & myself was watchn this video on Sunday gettn ready for church & she stopped & asked Mommy does heaven really have a playground;i started 2 cry & said yes baby heaven has everything u need plus God is there 2 take care of u better than mommy..She said ma i want 2 go 2 heaven 2 play on the playground but do u think God will let me come back 2 u when i finish playn..I couldnt do nothing but cry..

  2. shawana says

    hi my name is shawana and i had baby that passed away in 2007 so when i heard this song i went down to the ground and could not believe that a song like this was wrote and song so good.i cant even put it in words man i love this song.i no that it is a blessing to go to heaven but i wondered the same thing because i am that lady you were singing to because it is real hard to let go in there things you want to no while they there.she was 2 years old.people say she not suffering no more but i do so bad cause she is not here.i love to hear this song cause i feel like this is me so much man.i cry as i write this.the pain you feel when you loose someone you gave birth to after having them here for 2 years.

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