Stay Prayed Up with Karen Clark Sheard [Video]

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Gospel Song Prayed Up by Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Clark Sheard’s new album, All in One, will be released on April 6, 2010 on Karew Records. It is her first CD in four years. It features production by her son J. Drew Sheard II.

The gospel song “Prayed Up”, which will be available for download on March 16th is doing well at gospel radio. It is currently #26 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart.

All in One features eleven original gospel songs ranging from neo-soul ballads such as “He Knows” a duet with sister Dorinda Clark Cole to the futuristic pop vibes of “Take Me.” In between, there are worship tunes, and good ole Sunday morning church tracks.

Sheard pulls in family members for vocal cameos such as sister Dorinda Clark Cole, daughter Kierra Sheard and niece Angel Chisholm. Her cousin Bill Moss Jr. plays the keys. Her son, J. Drew and her cousin J. Moss both individually wrote and produce various gospel music tracks on the project.

On top of that, Sheard, who won a Grammy for composing the Clark Sisters’ #1 2007 comeback smash hit gospel song“Blessed and Highly Favored,” also co-wrote several of these future classics.

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