Joyce Meyer on her past, her money, and her facelift [Video]

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Why can’t you look at the good I’m doing?-Joyce Meyer

Whoa, she was once making $900,000 a year. That figure is now at $250,000 but……… lots of money in prosperity gospel looks like.

Is she a prosperity preacher?

“That whole thing is just so totally ridiculous,” Meyer said. “First of all, what is a prosperity preacher? It’s just this term that people have come up with. Do I believe that God wants to bless us? Yes. The word prosper is in the Bible. … I just love God, and I’m just trying to help people with the word of God.”

People would get back money by giving it, Meyer added, “because the Bible says give and it should be given unto you. You see, giving is a major part of the whole Christian doctrine.

“Most people doing what I’m doing, working at it as long as I have, would be way beyond that, so I am not robbing the ministry,” Meyer said. “When I ask people to give, I can’t be on television if they don’t, I can’t help people, if I don’t — I mean, it takes money.” Source


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  1. Christyne Pritchard says

    I just saw the interview about Joyce Meyers on ABC and I was really irked about the entire thing that the interviewer was saying that Joyce Meyers lifestyle was a bit extravagant. I mean if she does spend more money on her shows that outreach then there is a reason for it….

    I know I watch her show every chance I can get (it’s even available FREE on her website) and to me it’s like therapy and has gotten me through tough things in life that I struggled with…and this was before I even became a member! I support Joyce Meyers because I support her WORD and how she preaches the gospel…I don’t see anyone complaining about OPRAH and how she spends her money…

    It kind of reminds of of how the apostles were complaining to Jesus about how the servant girl was wasting all the expensive oil to anoint his feet! I mean Jesus didn’t hate or value money…he hated its use for EVIL things (ergo Getting angry at the TEMPLE)…What critics don’t understand is supporters of Joyce Meyers give because WE LIKE HOW SHE SPREADS THE GOSPEL…in her own quirky way. I feel bad for those who give more than they can afford because JOYCE also preaches that we are given GRACE through FAITH and not WORKS (the things we DO or charity we give)…I only give what I can afford which is my 10% and it’s tax deductible and I get to watch my favorite EVANGELIST on TV paid for by her supporters…

    In all honesty everything balances itself out anyhow, I give to charity outside of JMM and I don’t necessarily think I will get anything back from GOD if I do. If it is God’s will then so be it, I can ask for things all I want but in the end its really up to HIM if we can have it…Some people may not be happy with so much money so what’s the point of having it if you can be happy anyways! God give you more when you APPRECIATE what you have NOW.

    Well sorry for rambling…I get so IRKED when money becomes an issue separating the very people that should be coming together and making a better world. And just so you know, I make very little money…but I am happy so half the time I don’t even realize that I live below the standard income of most Americans…but I live in a nice house in and have a loving supportive family, and FAITH in God…


  2. M. Smith says

    This interview irks me, too. I have been blessed by Joyce Meyer’s ministry for over 15 years. Her ministry has mailed me books, free of charge, as well as her magazine. Often times she offers books and sermons on cd’s for whatever price you’re able to pay, and if you aren’t able to pay, they will send it to you anyway.

    The part of the interview where the lady asks Joyce if it bothers her about someone not having money to pay their bills, but to give a donation to Joyce (I know I’m not getting the exact quote right – but you know what part I’m talking about) – and Joyce says she’s not worried about that – I really think they edited part of Joyce’s comments out. Joyce has always been a common-sense preacher and I have never heard her say anything like this. She has always advocated taking care of your own personal needs and responsibilities first, NOT begging for people to send money even though they might not have enough money to pay your bills – this is ridiculous. I think this whole interview is trying to paint a negative picture of Joyce.

    And the part about the plane – my goodness, I have flown on commercial flights and it is so hectic – I cannot imagine someone in a ministry as big as hers NOT having a private jet.

    One more thing – the amount of the money they allot for foreign missions is not all that they give out. There is lots more that their ministry does to help people. Give Joyce a break.

  3. Regina Russell says

    So, everybody gets to make money and have a nice lifestyle except for extremely hard-working Christians, right? I mean…according to the implications most make, a Christian should not be rewarded financially when they are successful even if they help millions of people. But someone like Barbara Walters who admits to adulterous relationships with married men and has a much higher paying job should have a glamourous lifestyle and that’s okay?
    This world is backwards. There’s nothing wrong with making money. I hope Joyce profits greatly because I know that much of what she does helps bring people to Christ. Don’t ask me what good Barbara Walters does. I’m sure she has charities and the such but I know Joyce feeds a lot of hungry people all over the world and it’s a big part of her ministry.
    I’ll bet that even the person who wrote this article would not gripe if he or she got a huge pay-raise. It’s just not alright for Christians.

  4. Pauline says

    Why is it people don’t complain about the amount of money sports stars, movie stars, politicians, etc make? Show me one of them that is doing as much good as what JMM ministries is doing. If God is not pleased with Joyce and how the ministry handles money he will take care of it. I believe Joyce knows full well if there was any mishandling of funds she will answer to God for it. Just as each of us will make an account one day….so be careful who you judge.

  5. says

    I love most of her messages. They help AA & EHA. But they are FREE.
    But now see that she combines with the gospel is from AA/12 STEP programs!!!
    Maybe good for people with neutral or bad childhoods, but have never would go to EA or AA..NA ,etc.. or any other 12 step program, .but if they do, they’re FREE!
    But I believe GOD doesn’t demand our MONEY to help us..& I really know this.
    I was healed by EA (Emotions Anonymous) called EHA… from several unbelievable, DEEP wounds in my life.
    Including death of my real mother at 18 mos, old. & being nearly killed from step-mom from age 3 years.
    I’m sad she now is “using” this older & FREE program to build her empire.
    I was FAR more abused in my childhood than Joyce..
    I mean almost death at least 3x.
    I prayed & lived.
    Sorry, as I know Creator/God wants us to feel good with our bodies….but I know she is older(70+) & see many facelifts (not ONE line in her face at 70 something? Come on!!!)
    I struggle & will NOT pay for this!
    Trendy, fancy clothes & jewelry EVERY time I see her on TV…well it’s leaving me disillusioned.
    Also, I have learned that horribly abused children can never be as brash as she is
    They become shy & quiet..and alone like me.
    I wish I could believe her, but NONE of it adds up,
    How did she get a husband..or 2 if she hated men???
    I just don’t trust her anymore..especially about MONEY!
    Can I say GREED & arrogance is what I see? (Like bashing her brother whom was sick & couldn’t make it “like her”?.).PLEASE! 🙁
    HOW SAD she needs to bash him. She has no right.

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