Enjoying Vashawn Mitchell’s new gospel song……..

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Listen To Gospel Song Nobody Greater by Vashawn Mitchell

Vashawn Mitchell’s new gospel song “Nobody Greater” has been playing over and over again in my head since I first heard it. I like it because it’s a perfect mix between praise & worship and gospel music. It can be played during private time with God and also translate well during corporate fellowship with other believers.

The song was written by Darius Paulk and will be released on the album titled Triumphant on August 10, 2010 through EMI Gospel. You can purchase the gospel song “Nobody Greater” through iTunes or Amazon by clicking the picture below.

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  1. Alyssa says

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I first heard it at a church retreat I recently went on. It truly touched me. I cant find it anywhere, but this website was very helpful. THANKS SO MUCH! I cant wait to see what else is in store!

  2. says

    Vashawn Mitchell sings with annointing from God. I love-love-love “Nobody greater”!! I cant wait to purchase the CD.

  3. Dominique says

    Hi Ms. Mary,

    I agree. “Nobody Greater” is a great song.

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Rita Bass says

    I heard “Nobody Greater” on Praise 102.5 and it touched my soul. It has been in my spirit for more than a week now, and I just found out who the artist was and when it will be released. I believe the anointing of the Holy Spirit is on that song, or it was just what the Lord wanted me to know at that time. I love the song, the lyrics, and it’s soooo true!. I’ll purchase it and play it until….

  5. chris_mckelvy says

    This song is nice. I would buy it and not get the boot leg. That is saying alot please believe that. Good Day, BLESSED DAY be upon you all

  6. Michelle says

    Every time I hear or sing this song It touches me like no ther songhas in my life! What an anoited song

  7. Kenya Baker says

    Nobody Greater is the truest song I ever heard. Our God is the one TRUE God and there is truly nobody greater.

  8. Dominique says

    Hi Brittney,

    Thanks for your comment! I’m sure you will do wonderful on the talent show. It’s a great song.

  9. Rev. Clyburn says

    Thank you for this song. What a marvelous reality, there is NOBODY greater than the Lord Jesus Christ, praise His name. Definitely a reality check!

    Rev. Clyburn

  10. Kiki says

    I love this song, this is most definitely the ultimate worship song. There is nobody greater, this song will touch the lives of those who are broken.

  11. 1stlady Kenner says

    Nobody Greater says it all. God is awesome and there is none above him. God bless you Vashawn Mitchell and may he continue to catapult you to higher things in Him.

  12. Bria says

    Omq i so luvv this sonq i hear it all the time on praise 102.5 omq i want this cd for christmas :nobody greater than u:

  13. Ms. Adams says

    This song gives me chills. It just fills my spirit with hope in God. Because nobody is greater the he. He is an awesome wonder, he’s marvelous, he’s just everything to me!! Im going through with my family, but when i hear this song it takes all of my troubles away. Thank you Lord..

  14. Yolanda says

    This song has truly blessed me & my husband. It is a reminder on how good God has been to us. Thank You Heavenly Father!!!!

  15. claudia says

    I heard one of the prayer warriors ask if anyone knew that song… This was weeks ago
    two days ago the spirit gave me to google it. I did and there it was. I have prayed it yesterday and this morning at 5:00 am when our prayer group started on February 5 we hare saving a pray celebration of what God has done and is doing and we are going to get it set up so we can play while the prayer celebration is in session.
    Peace and Blessings to you.

  16. says

    This song has been in my spirit since I heard it on the radio the week of New Year’s Eve. I wake up in the night with it singing in my head. Because it is exactly true. What a truly anointed song of Praiseand Worship. When you realize for yourself how much you need Jesus and cannot be without him it is then that you kow that there is Nobody Greater. Thank you so much Vashawn and may GOD continue to bless you and your music ministry in a mighty way.

  17. says

    To think that over 2000 years ago no one else was worthy enough to save me from my sins; and Jesus said “Here am I, send Me. He’s AWESOME!!!!!
    Thanks for the reminder everyday; I Looove this song.

  18. margaret says

    this song really express my feeling for the one and only the greatest savior. it gets me in the mood for the day on my way to work, my daughter and 6 year old grandaughter love this song.

  19. PAM says

    My pastor first brought this to our attention in December and we’ve been singing it ever since. OMG this is awesome. What a wonderful testimony.

  20. says

    This is an uplifting song.Vashawn Mitchell is truly an annointed man of God.There is Nobody Greater than Jesus.This song touches my heart and fills my soul.Thank You Vashawn for singing this song and lifting my spirit.

  21. Annette McClain-Betley says


  22. Helen Quick-Brooks says

    My great granddaughter who is 2 years old just loves “Nobody Greater”. In fact you should hear her sing it. She doesn’t know all of the words but she knows the important ones.

  23. Grace Alovor says

    I can honesly say this is the most annointed inspired worship/praise song I have to date. Just got priveleged to hear it (I live in Nigeria Africa) and am desparately looking for it. Vashawn more annointing.

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