Final Sunday Best 3 episode names LeAndria Johnson winner

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Everyone in my household was hyped and ready to see who was going to win the title of Sunday Best. My oldest kiddie was right by my side ready to watch the show. This is the kid who loves to give “commentary” during any show he’s watching.

So during Sunday Best I heard about stuff I normally wouldn’t notice. He noticed the lady with the pine cone earrings, the extra hyped background singers during Bishop Hezekiah Walker’s opening, and P.J. Morton jamming on the piano. I had to finally tell him very politely, “Joshua, please be quiet.”

The episode began with Bishop Hezekiah Walker singing the popular gospel song “Souled Out”. “Look at your neighbor, and say, neighbor, I’m souled out!!” Great opening! The audience seemed to be having a great time.

When Kim Burrell interviewed LeAndria and her first audition video was shown (the one where she was wearing flip flops and socks), I was reminded of just how far she has come. She told Kim Burrell that her message to others is to never give up.

She sung a medly of the gospel songs “I Love The Lord”, “He Was There All The Time”, and “In The Midst Of It All”. She always gives her all when she sings. I loved her rendition of all three songs which perfectly reflected her journey.

Kim interviewed with Elder Goldwire McLendon next. During the conversation he told her that God has a purpose for everyone’s life and that this was his season.

I love that the Elder has inspired so many people, young and old. My kiddies looked forward to seeing him every week. I’m a little sad that the show is over and we won’t get to see him on Sunday nights.

One of my favorite gospel songs to hear him sing is “He’s All Over Me” because I love to see him dance and we can all see that God has His hand on his life. He sung that along with gospel songs “Jesus Loves Me” and “The Battle Is The Lord’s” during his medly. He’s made a big impact on many people during this season of Sunday Best. I wish him the best and look forward to hearing more from him.

The Gospel Dreamgirls were next! Jessica Reedy, Latice Crawford, and Sunday Best 2 winner Y’Anna Crawley sung a medly of songs with gospel music’s Donald Lawrence alongside. Jessica Reedy opened the set with “Seasons”. The song was perfect for her voice, and I was glad to see her pretty smile. I loved her performance and can’t wait for her CD.

Latice Crawford sung popular gospel song “Encourage Yourself” and Y’Anna Crawley finished up with “The Blessing of Abraham”. I love that Y’Anna sings with her mouth twisted to the side–it’s her distinct trademark.

It was great to see all three ladies. They sounded great together and they looked awesome too.

Next up Kim Burrell surprised me with a very special song that celebrated the Sunday Best contestants. It was very clever how she sung the song because she included some of the contestant’s names within the song. I’m sure it was a special moment for Martha Buries, Dathan Thigpen, Orlando Wright, Tiffany Carlin-Laird and all the other contestants on the stage. Kim’s voice and creativity is bananas.

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived. Would it be LeAndria Johnson or Goldwire McLendon? America voted and decided that the winner of Sunday Best 3 would be…………….LeAndria!!! Congrats to LeAndria!! Great job!! Her victory song was “I Shall Leap Into My Destiny”.

Elder Goldwire McLendon touched the hearts of everyone. I really don’t see any losers here. I think we are going to hear a lot from the Elder in the future.

Another season of Sunday Best has come and gone. It was a great season with a lot of special moments from the contestants and gospel music artists. I’ve had a blast. Till next year, be blessed! Don’t forget to post your thoughts about the show!

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  1. brenda says

    I think there was age bias with the voting, how many 79 years olds you know text or even know what txt is. At the beginning of the show, Kirk stated the runner up would recieve a cash prize. Which is great, however Elder Goldwire certainly derserved more of a send off than what he received.Personally I think it was a draw. Each contestant ministered to me in different ways and I am sure it was that way with most viewers. They both are inspirations.


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