Got the new gospel music CD by DeWayne Woods yet?

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If you haven’t purchased My Life’s Lyric yet, head over to BET’s Listen Up. You can take a listen to it before you buy.

This is one CD you gotta have in your gospel music collection!

I like just about all the gospel songs on the album, but if I had to choose my favorites would be the gospel songs “Living On The Top”, “Positive”, “God Can”, and “Still Here”. And oh yeah, I like the gospel song “I Won’t Be Afraid”.

From Amazon: Long-time fans of gospel music will instantly recognize the CD’s lively lead single, “Living on the Top.” Gospel icon Douglas Miller made this one a hit in 1992, and DeWayne Woods’ rendition is certain to do the same. “I have always been a choirboy and I love the sound of choir music! I was drawn to this song because it speaks to what is being taught even now in churches about understanding our place in God and our positioning in the Kingdom,” explains Woods.

On “I Won’t Be Afraid,” Woods’ gift of exhortation is magnified. “This song shows us the dynamics between fear and faith,” says Woods. “We know the scripture that talks about faith being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen; but fear is the substance of things that we do not hope for, and the evidence of things that we do see,” shares Woods. “If we understand that and know that God has taken care of everything that concerns us, we should know that we have nothing to fear.”

Gospel song “God Can” reunites Woods with P.J. Morton and is sure to be another standout worship ballad. It’s a beautifully penned song that DeWayne delivers with strength and pure conviction. “If you believe in letting go and letting God, then you can only do that if you believe that God can,” he says of the track.

“Positive”, the CD’s final cut, finds the crooner spreading his musical wings on an edgy, rock-inflected tune. It’s an infectious song of independence from negativity and vulnerability. “Positive summarizes everything you’ve heard on this project,” shares Woods. “If you grasp the essence of the testimonies presented in each song, then you understand that you are not the same person and that you have a new life in God.”

Check it out, this is one gospel music CD I think you will love!

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