LeAndria Johnson is Sunday Best!!!

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LeAndria Johnson Named Winner of Sunday Best 3

Congrats to LeAndria!

Check out our full recap of the final episode of Sunday Best 3. It was a great show filled with great gospel music from some great artists.

Did you see the Gospel Dreamgirls, Jessica, Latice, & Y’Anna, singing with Donald Lawrence? Awesome, just awesome!!

Did you see Kim Burrell’s song tribute to the Sunday Best contestants? Awesome, just awesome!!

LeAndria was the guest blogger over at Torrence’s blog…..check out what LeAndria had to say after her announcement as the winner of Sunday Best 3. You can also check out what Elder Goldwire McLendon had to say.

Did your favorite win? What did you think about the show? Let us know!

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  1. Joshua says

    I loved the show! Leandria sounded great and deserved to win! I can’t wait for her CD.

  2. Jan F. says

    I enjoyed the show! Kim Burrell’s song was nice and I can’t wait for next year.

  3. angela buckner says

    i cant wait for leandria’s cd!!!!!!! i jus loved listening to her. i want to see her perform again and again and again!!!!!!!

  4. Mojisola Sesan-Aina says

    The whole concept of sunday best is simply heart breaking…it is completely more inspiring than all the insults and rebuffs we get to hear at American Idol….i mean yu get to connect with ur creator by mere listening to the contestsnts…keep it up!

  5. Francine Cyrus says

    I’m happy she won! Congrats mama. Just as one door closes God opens another. LeAndria has a testimony that reaches me in ways you can’t imagine. Keep a hold to Gods unchanging hand!

  6. Gloria Lindley says

    Oh, this young lady has truly listened to the voice of God. She has been diligent, and this shows in her personality and her presence. LeAndria, your gift is so wonderful, and you’ve reached a nation full of, not only unbelievers, but also us believers. Sister, keep being faithful, and trusting in the Lord cause he has favor in you. You lifte the spirits in my household, and that’s a plus. I love you, and thanks.

  7. toi says

    I love, love Leandria she is the BEST. She really lifted my spirits and wanting me to follow heher wherever she’s going, just like Tina said!!! I can’t wait for her CD please hurry Ms. Leandria Johnson!!

  8. Kathy says

    GOD BLESS YOU!!! You touched me EVERY TIME. Thank you for your spirit!!!!! May GOD continue you and your’s life! I will buy your CD’s ………………………. and pass them on!!!!!!!


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