The Walls Kids Say Thank You!!

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Cute video from some extra cute kids who are now known as the Walls Family Singers.

Check out the Walls on their new website where you can get booking and contact information.

It’s interesting to note that according to their website that they have decided to bypass record labels and promote themselves. So if you have been blessed by their gospel music and want to see them succeed in a major way you can donate to them through their website or book them for your church service or gospel event.

From the Bio Page:
Darrel McGlothen Walls is 19 years old and is the eldest member of the Walls Family Singers, formerly the Walls Kidz. At a very early age Darrel demonstrated very unique musical abilities.

Rhea Walls is 14 years old and is the second oldest the group. Rhea is very shy, but an awesome soprano. Rhea could match pitch before she could talk.  Rhea is an outstanding athlete. She runs track and was one place away from going to the Junior Olympics this past Summer for the Carl Lewis Track Club – CL Stars.

Alic (Paco) Walls, 13 years old, is next in the line. Alic is known for his raspy, soulful sound. He is compared to his mother with the raspy, hoarse tone. Paco declares that God spoke to him in a dream and called him by his name and told him that he would pastor a mega-church one day.

Ahjah Walls is the baby of the group, but not the baby of the family. Ahjah has the riffs and the runs like her older brother and can emulate just about any artist.

the Walls Family Singers
GrayOutGrid 300x250 The Walls Kids Say Thank You!! The Walls Kids Say Thank You!!

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