Did you see David & Tamela Mann on The Neely’s?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Did you see David & Tamela Mann on The Neelys?
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Gospel Music Artists David & Tamela Mann Appear on Food Network’s Down Home With The Neely’s

davidtamelaneelys Did you see David & Tamela Mann on The Neelys?

David and Tamela Mann were on Gina and Pat Neely’s show on Food Network this past Saturday. I was excited to see them on the show because I knew they would be funny and a lot of fun to watch.  Great exposure, although I don’t remember them mentioning any of their Gospel music projects.

This would be a great vehicle for other Gospel music artists as well. A lot of people watch Food Network and the shows are clean and family oriented. Even my kiddies like to watch some of the shows.

What they cooked:
Honey Orange BBQ Chicken
Gina’s Fiesta Salad
Gina’s Herb Cream Biscuits
Peach Cobbler Ice Cream
Red Velvet Punch

davidtamelaneelys2 Did you see David & Tamela Mann on The Neelys?

davidtamelaneelys3 Did you see David & Tamela Mann on The Neelys?

Tamela and David Mann, of TBS’s Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, join the Neelys in the kitchen for a sweet and savory meal. First, everyone helps with a crisp and flavorful Fiesta Chopped Salad. Next, Pat and David head out to the grill for succulent Honey BBQ Chicken while Gina shows Tamela how to prepare her hearty Herb Cream Biscuits. For the perfect ending to the meal, The Neelys whip up their luscious Peach Cobbler Ice Cream topped with Grilled Peaches and Gina stirs up her Red Velvet Punch.

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  1. soto says

    i saw the manns. i like the needlys show. they are so fun to watch. if everyone got along like the 4 of them. there would be no divoices. amen!


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