Video: @VaShawnMitchell-Nobody Greater

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Gospel Song Nobody Greater by VaShawn Mitchell


I climbed up to the highest mountain
I looked all around, couldn’t find nobody
Went down into the deepest valley
Looked all around down there, couldn’t find nobody
I went across the deep blue sea
Couldn’t find one to compare… to your grace, your love, your mercy
Nobody greater… nobody greater than you

Searched all over… couldn’t find nobody
I looked high and low… still couldn’t find nobody
Nobody greater… nobody greater no… nobody greater than you

[Verse 2:]
Nobody can heal… like you can
Oh most holy one you are the Great I Am
Awesome in all your ways and mighty is your hand
You are He who carried out redemption’s plan
You are He who carried out redemption’s plan

[Chorus: x2]
Searched all over… couldn’t find nobody
I looked high and low… still couldn’t find nobody
Nobody greater… nobody greater… nobody greater than you

Nobody greater… nobody greater… nobody greater than you

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  1. aJUSTICE says

    I heard this song the other day, I’m telling you it speaks volume to my soul. . You begin to sing this and worship you will be blessed. Thank you for posting

  2. says

    This songs speaks to my soul and tells it to calm down when I feel overwhemed. Even when I am not listening, this annointed songs plays over and over in my spirit to help me to keep the right mind set while I am working. Thank you for listening to the instructions ot the Holy Spirit to write and perform this soothing song. This song comes straight from heaven!

  3. Dominique says

    I agree! It’s one of those songs that reminds you that all is well because God is who He is. Vashawn Mitchell and Darius Paulk did a wonderful job on this song.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. Queda Day says

    Praise God; when I heard this song; it touched my inner man & my spirit; It pierces the soul of your heart. There is nobody greater than God Almighty the Creator of all heaven & earth. Sing on brothers; continue to praise God in songs & in your everyday living for Him. For He is so worthy of all the glory, honor & praise.

    He inhibits the praises of His people. Let Him use you for His glory. May His grace & peace surround you always. Blessings

  5. says

    It is not just the words; it is his voice; he is anointed to sing this song. The background music is phenomenal; it is if God is walking around while he is singing it. Nobody greater to sing this song than Vashawn.

  6. Dominique says

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m not sure if sheet music is out for it yet. You may want to check

    Thanks for your comment!

  7. says

    Is there sheet music available for this song, (Nobody Greater)? Woud love to hear from you. I have gone to bed at night singing this song & wake up in the morning with this song on my spirit. This song is so powerful!

  8. Dominique says


    I love this song too! I’m not sure if the sheet music is available yet. would be a great place to check.


  9. Patricia A says

    This is a great song. I heard this song for the first time sung by a youth choir. Right then and there, my heart was touched. I could’t get it out of my mind. I thank God for the young man who was inspired by God to write such a song. A song of great inspiration. Keep on, keeping on. Let God continue to use you. May God Bless.

  10. says

    When i first heard this song,i first paid so much attention to the lady that sings the harmony in the background,do anyone know who she is? i would love to buy her albums if she has any out,i love her voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah i love Va Shawn voice as well,but that lady make the song that much better,when i listen to the song without her back ground vocals,it dont sound the same =(

  11. lelia says

    This song seems to direct our spirits to see the greatness of Jesus and in that process the awareness of problems and frustrations diminish. The anointing in Vashawn’s life is lifting up Jesus who said that if He is lifted up, He will draw men unto Him, and of course in His presence there is fullness and joy. I thank Vashawn for a yielded life and I thank God for Himself.

  12. says

    Hi Lelia,

    Thank you for your comment. I agree that “Nobody Greater” is a song that moves us toward the greatness of Jesus. It’s a beautiful song that is making a difference in many lives.

  13. tammy says

    nobody greater brought me threw a difficuilt time in my life where i was going through a lot in an disappointment engagement i had to remember that there is nobody graeater than god we search all over and i still can’t find nobody ,ilook high and low still can’t find nobody nobody greater than you god thanks for those words

  14. says

    Hi Tammy,

    I’m sorry to hear about the difficult time in your life. Isn’t is great how God’s love touches us through gospel music?

    Thanks so much for commenting.

  15. says

    Nobody is greater than Jesus. I love this song. Living in this world we always look Hi and Low for somebody; but we still can’t find Nobody Greater than Jesus.
    Thank God for sending us somebody to look up too.

  16. says

    Hi Vannessel,

    Thanks for your comment! Nobody Greater is such a great song. I enjoyed VaShawn’s performance of it on Celebration of Gospel 2011.

  17. Jan says

    This song takes Christians, who are facing overwhelming hardships while standing on the Word of the Lord to another place…….I have heard previous worship songs however, this song has the ‘Kiss of God” on it. Prasise the Lord.

  18. chitra g says

    if is 1 song dat im always hummin it’s dis song>>> very powerful, dere is no body greater dan Jesus!!! ur song is awesome, very soul touchin>>> may god continue 2 bless u wit many more 🙂

  19. Lula DeLaney says

    Thumb Up to VaShawn Mitchell. He is great & he sings that song,. The words of song is so anointing to my soul. I just play that song when I drive Over & Over & Over again. The words of the song comes straight from his heart. All you want to do is just Worship God for who he is because Nobody Is Greater Than God. VaShawn Mitchell You Are Awesome.

  20. T. Sam says

    The song title speaks for itself.
    The music and lyrics really touched my soul mentally and physically.

  21. lisa quarles says

    this song is motivating, its tha first thing i put n my ears n tha morning, n my day is starting off real well. i even listen 2 it on tha job, praise b 2 god.

  22. lillian smith says

    I love this song, it inspires me to be free with my feelings about life.There is nobody greater than G0d.

  23. elaine says

    Indeed, there is nobody greater than the Lord Jesus Christ. His presence is all around us! Thank you for such a god-inspired worship song!!!

  24. Ministerrobbie says

    Liked the video quality and having the lyrics presented also which allowed for great way to follow along with the song performance.

  25. Dennis says

    No body greater than you dear God,the beginning and end of everything in heaven,earth and under the earth.

  26. Virtuouslady227 says

    This will be my Homegoing Son – Nobody Greater Than You Jesus! Praise Him – In His Service Minister Nixon

  27. shaneek says

    great song, really speaks to my spirit. my 18months loves to song the chorus with me, it has become our theme song

  28. Esther Kaitell says

    this song is so inspiring it has bless me so much, God bless you and use you more my dear.

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