Ok, now I know what Bobby Jones was talking about…….

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Thanks to an article in the Sun Times, now I know what Bobby Jones was alluding to during the tribute concert in Chicago for Albertina Walker on October 14th.

Bobby Jones was co-hosting along with Pam Morris, when he started talking cryptically about an incident that happened.

Well, according to the article, a family member and family friend of Albertina Walker were charged with roughing up Eric Peterson, Walker’s long time assistant. According to the police, everything started when Peterson went on stage and the two individuals told him to leave the stage. When he didn’t leave he was grabbed and punched. He was not seriously injured and was at the funeral the next day.

After things calmed down a bit Shirley Caesar came up and had a few choice words. [see video below]  She admonished all involved to get things resolved quickly and to let Albertina rest in peace. She said that Eric was like a son to Albertina and that he did a good job of taking care of her for years.

Tina Nance, Albertina Walker’s goddaughter, confirmed the police account and identified Gerald Walker as Albertina Walker’s nephew and Jackson as a family friend.

“The nephew who was involved was upset by some things that had gone on, as the family did not feel [the manager] should be on that stage and asked him to come off,” Nance said.

“It was unfortunate what happened, but I don’t want it to detract from the celebration of my godmother’s legacy and her memory.”

Sometimes these kinds of things happen. It’s unfortunate that it happened during the concert for everyone to see and eventually hear about, but Albertina’s legacy and contributions to Gospel music is much bigger than what happened.

And the music is what will be remembered.

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