Video: Gospel song I Believe #1 on Billboard Gospel Songs chart

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The Gospel song “I Believe” by James Fortune & FIYA featuring Zacardi Cortez & Shawn McLemore is on the top of Billboard’s Gospel Songs chart. Take a look at the new video.

You can get the Gospel song on Kerry Douglas Presents Gospel Mix IV.


I believe the storm will soon be over
I believe the rain will go away
I believe that I can make it through it
Oh Oh Oh Oh
I believe, It’s already done

I believe family will get better
I believe God will provide
I believe the promise that He made
Oh Oh Oh Oh
I believe, It’s already done

I believe that my God is a healer
I believe that I will survive
I believe that God is able
Oh Oh Oh Oh
I believe, It’s already done

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  1. Vernetta Norman-Forbes says

    Oh, my God how this song ministerd to my family on Dec 6,2010 as we celebrated my great-nephew “Lil’Warren’s” sudden homegoing, his grandfather sang it to his precious grandson!

    Blessings & Thanks You’s Mr. James Fortune & All

    Vernetta & Family~~~~~

  2. Robin Brower says

    First and foremost, you have to believe and this song say’s it all. We all have problems and to give them an “EXPIRATION DATE” I could not agree more! Because I do believe I WILL make it through EVERY trial and tribulation! I do believe and I am excited about my future! “Praise God” from whom all blessings flow. I believe in miracles and God has placed this song in my heart that every day since last Friday, when I got in my car and turned on the radio it was on “I BELIEVE”. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS SONG! I absolutely love it.

  3. says

    This song i believe the storm will soon be over touch my heart so much, my brother and sister died 6 months apart from cancer, my family and i was going through a storm and did not no which way to go, but when i heard that song it gave me hope and faith, that everything was going to be alright, so i just started saying in my mind that i believe the storm will soon be over. God is so good, he have people singing songs with powerful word , that will help you go through your storm. and i thank you for those words, i pray God keep you and bless you in a mighty way.

  4. Althea S. Lewis says

    Thank you so much for this powerful song. We know that God want put know more on us than we can bear. He sends us through the storm and rain only to make us strong in our faith. God is such a wonderul God he’s always there to protect us from all hurt, harm and danger. Thank you Mr. Fortune for this Bless song.

  5. says

    Oh what a Song and inspiration to the people of God. That’s all God wants is for his people to “Believe” in him and what He said He would do. God is ABle and He is Willing !!!!! This song truly have Blessed my soul over and over again. I thank God for the voices He has anointed to Minister to His people !!!!!!!
    Peace, Joy, & an abundance of Blessings
    Exhorter, Hyette

  6. Roz says

    Truly this song says it all,It is a blessing to all who listen to it,My husband is a Pastor and has been thru some terrible illnesses lately but the Lord is bringing him thru the storm,God Bless you all for such a great song~I found this song on t v while i was turning the channels.Thank God i saw it ~~

    God Bless youall


    this song has been pressing in my heart since yesterday. as i pray for my children, families, marriages and all who have asked me to pray in Jesus name yes, I BELIEVE.

  8. says

    I truly love that storm…at every time..and I know its already done…lord touch my daughter heart body soul….pray for me as well in the name of Jesus…Mercy lord..Favord

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