Sunday Best is back!! Get audition schedule for new season

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Audition dates set for new season of Sunday Best

A lot of people have been e-mailing and commenting asking about when Sunday Best was coming back.

Well, the Gospel According To Torrence has posted the Sunday Best 4 audition schedule. Yayy!! I’m excited because I think the show was a lot of fun for the entire family.

If you are thinking about auditioning for the show the schedule is below:

Sunday Best Audition Schedule

Saturday, February 19 – Dallas, TX

Saturday, March 5 – Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, March 12 – Atlanta, GA

Anybody auditioning?

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  1. everlean arnold says

    There is a great need for Sunday best to come to ms.There are a lot of good talent here that need discovering. I live in Sledge Ms and in dier need to sing the gospel.

    Everlean Arnold

  2. says

    It has been wonderful to see the Christian community come together through the first 3 seasons…I look forward to the next season—let it keep going you guys—SUNDAY’S BEST is needed!!!

  3. Isaac Bagume says

    Thank God I Finally Found This Page!!.
    Sundays Best Is A True Blessing, Their Are Many Gifts And Talents That Need To Come Out. Its Gonna Be Awesome!

  4. says

    Hi Christal,

    I have not seen anything yet about online auditions. I have only seen information about on site auditions in Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Information about online auditions may be coming at a later date.


  5. says

    Praise the Lord,
    My daughter has a beautiful gift that God has bestowed upon her, her voice. Her 2nd job is on the weekends, therefore she would not be able to travel for auditions. Would you please inform me if Sundays Best should descide to hold on line auditions. God Bless you as you strive to please Him.


  6. Jade Leigh says

    I wish they would audition the old fashioned way. And I hope its based on getting all the people u know to vote for you online once a day. That system is based on popularity and not talent. Its SAD!!!!

  7. Lynn says

    I Love the show, so much and was wondering If you would consider hosting auditions in Columbus, Ohio for we are the Capitol. That would be awesome.

  8. Zepporia Perdue says

    I would like to know where is the audition being held in Atlanta??? What do I need to do to sign up and audition.

  9. rakeem says

    i just wanted to know when the online auditions start and could i have the link if so thank you .

  10. Alexis Jones says


  11. herman duncan says

    I received my VIP pass an printed it ..went by the site an people r in line..I don’t want to miss this opportunity at all …should I sit in the overnight cold an risk vocal catastrophe ? Or come with the pass to skip the the Marriott tryna figure the purpose of the pass..thanks

  12. Nicole says

    i’m so excited that Sundays Best will be returning. Well I know Im not a singer but this is a family event for my household. We gather in front of the tv and dont move until the show is over. Please keep the seasons coming…………..

  13. says

    I went to the atlanta Auditions. Was Kind Of disappointed. Had a VIP PASS and stiil Had to wait in the other line . They Only excepted the first 200. However i was just getting over the Flu. and Sttod in the line after traveling 8 hours, Friday to get their.
    My Only regret was I didn’t get to meet donnie Mcclurklin, MARY Mary, Or CE, BB Winans. Yes it Hurt a Little . But to every one that Made thru all three rounds of the Judges God Bless you And I will be routing for you. MAKE US PROUD.

  14. says

    Hi April,

    I haven’t heard anything about auditions in NY or NJ. Be sure to check the Sunday Best website for updates. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Samiyah says

    You guys should come to Saint Louis, Missouri next year. there’s alot of powerful singers here that are going unheard because of the lack of oppurtunity that we are provided with. It would be greatly appreciated.

    God Bless 🙂

  16. Q Tpie says

    i honestly believe that    Sundaybestshould have a season with gospel groups instead ofsoloists

  17. Nettles247 says

    I am from Indianapolis Ind,
    I watch Sunday Best on Sundays night on BET. I am very disappointed with the show.
    I thought you were looking for a person that loves the Lord and filled with his spirit and the
    anointing of God In song. I guess I thought wrong. I need you to explain what qualiify you for Sunday’s Best. Is it just because you can sing.
    I can tell when a person is just singing, then when a person is singing with the anointing
    It seem’s like to me everytime you get a person on the show with the anointing he, or she
    Is voted off. Also Sunday Best Is not American Idol. Please just keep Gospel songs your
    main focus. I am wondering, why you dont let the voter’s, start voting after you select your
    ten finalist. The last man standing on the show for 2011. Micheal Pugh song with the anointing
    and power of God, and he got voted off. Sorry I have given up on Sunday Best,because there is
    not a person that has been selected yet that I think sing with the anointing of God.

    ThanK You

  18. Tipp says

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Sunday’s Best!!! Can’t wait for the information for auditions for season 5, although I’m nervous I would really like to try

  19. Anita Harris says

    I guess I missed the auditions again. I really was looking forward to being apart of this Sunday’s Best. Maybe I can catch it next year. But Kirk if it’s not to late I would love to be a part of this Great Gospel ex-periment.

  20. lukeitha johnson says

    hello this is lukeitha johnson i am from moss point ms am requesting you all come to moss point or close by a lot of talent in this area

  21. Michele says

    Herman, how long after you registered did you receive your VIP ticket? Did you get it via e-mail?

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