DeJuaii Pace of the Anointed Pace Sisters comes out

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DeJuaii Pace of gospel music’s the Anointed Pace Sisters has admitted to being a 45-year-old lesbian virgin. She made the admission during a taping of Addicted To Food, which premieres Tuesday on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network.

In an interview with The Root, DeJuaii discusses losing weight, her virginity and homosexuality in the black church. Be sure to read the entire article at The Root’s website.

TR: You sound confident and sure of what you’re doing. Are you at peace?

DP: I’m at peace because I made peace with God about it. And I told him, “Listen, You’re the only who can deal with this thing; you’re the only one who can direct me through it. But I’m going to be honest with you, God:

“Yes, I like it.” I did three 40-day fasts to get rid of the “demon,” or “the spirit,” of the [gay] lifestyle, as we call it. And [fasting] kept things at bay, but the temptations were there when I wasn’t deeply praying and fasting, and when I re-emerged, the temptations were still there.

And I kept saying, “God, if you’re a God who delivers from all manner of [iniquity], then why is this thing still here?” Sometimes it’s not strong for years, and then at moments it’s strong. There’s something that God is doing here that we in the church community need to take a closer look at. Don’t just say, “You gotta get rid of it.”

TR: For a lot of churches in the black community, homosexuality could be staring them in the face, whether it’s the choir director or even the pastor, and people will pretend it’s not there and speak against it. You seem very passionate about changing that type of behavior. Are you doing anything to help do that?

DP: I feel that is the beginning of what God is calling forth at this time. I do not have all of the answers. For me, I am taking it day by day.

I want my soul mate. However God brings that about is fine with me. I know that God loves me, and he has created me, and this thing is here. I feel that it is part of my destiny to find out what is really going on. Because I cannot say it’s against God, and I cannot say God is for it. All I’m saying now is that we cannot tell people what we’ve been telling them. I have friends who’ve stopped going to church because of that.

TR: Speaking of soul mates, you have never had sex with a man or a woman, right?

DP: No, I have not. I am a real-deal, true virgin. Because my mother and my dad had brought us up [to believe] that the greatest gift that I could give to my husband, my soul mate, is to give to them myself that has not been tainted with anybody else or anything else. And I value that highly. And by the grace of God, [the Lord] has helped me and kept me.

DeJuaii, who is the seventh of ten children, said that this is how some of her siblings reacted when she shared the news: Yeah, we understand what you’re saying; thank you for sharing it.” Then they’d act OK, but I feel that they are OK with it because I am not [sexually] active. If someone happens to come along and that person knocks me off my feet, and it’s a woman, then it would be a different story.

Wow, just wow. A 45-year-old lesbian virgin….

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  1. Ms brown says

    The devil is a liar! that homosexuality demon is real and convincing even those that call themselves followers of Christ. Jesus we need you now more than ever!

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