The BET Sunday Best 2011 winner is Amber Bullock!!

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Amber Bullock is the winner of this year’s BET Sunday Best 2011!!

 The winner of BET’s Sunday Best 2011 will win a 2011 Ford Explorer, a cash prize, a national recording contract with Music World Gospel and the title of Sunday Best.

Stay tuned to 1800Gospel for a recap of BET Sunday Best 2011! It was a great show filled with tons of great performances by gospel music artists Rance Allen, Jessica Reedy, VaShawn Mitchell, Lecrae, Le’Andria Johnson and many more.

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  1. Moscato says

    she still needed more work..people arent going to keep tuning into sunday best if only BLACKS can win..i want to see some different culture..this may bring about a racist act..

  2. Keontadodson says

    I am with you to need more work dont understand how she won but i will be watching it no more very upset.

  3. Renee says

    I feel the same way.  There was such a powerful presence on Andrea, but I’ve noticed that the true worshippers never get through.  It’s always someone who can cross over.  I thought this was a gospel showcase.  ?????

  4. Sept504 says

    I too am disappointed – I dialed in to vote for Andrea Helms and the name on the recording was Amber Bullock.  I dialed twice and got the same thing.  I guess a glich in the telephone system. So, my vote intended for Andrea went to Amber.  Andrea has an annointing when she sing, very angelic.  I will be looking out for her even though she didnt win Sunday Best

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