Houston’s Praise 92.1 gospel radio station flipping to 24-hour news format

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Houston’s black gospel radio station, Praise 92.1 Houston (Christian Inspirational KROI), will flip to a 24-hours new format during the week of November 14th.

According to a press release, News 92FM will be anchored by the resources of ABC News Radio and Associated Press Platinum. The gospel format will stream online on Majic 102’s HD Channel.

I say boo to all of this!! This has me very upset. Apparently, Houston’s listeners want more local and national news. This is all fine and good, but we want our gospel music too!

“Our review of Houston’s broadcast landscape told us that those listeners interested in local news as well as national news were being poorly served,” Radio One Regional VP Doug Abernethy said, “so we decided to make a commitment to delivering the news in a dependable fashion.

People want to hear about news as it happens, and they shouldn’t have to wait until their radio station ‘catches up’.  We’ll deliver the news as it unfolds.”

I don’t understand why gospel music seems to be popular, but it just does not seem to translate into dollars and cents. It’s not commercially viable for some reason. We have to support the gospel medium with our dollars for it to survive.

Sunday Best was widely popular, I see the popularity of gospel in my blog stats, Bobby Jones has been on the air forever, it’s certainly popular overseas and on and on. Why the disconnect?

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  1. Thompsonfamily01 says

    I think ever church in Houston should boycott 92.1 news format and 102.1 because if they want to cave in to satan weshould put them under our feet and stomp on his head.

  2. Davisisd says

    Who told you we anted to listen to 24 hour NEWS??? We need to praise GOD – bring back the music!!!! – well it looks like KWWJ’s audience will skyrocket

  3. Lil C says

    This situation is political and has nothing to do with voices of the ppl who want to listen to 92.1. The Elites with money and power has always had the power to do what they want, so regardless what we (society) say, everything is already controlled by these people. But GOD has power over ppl and money so let’s get with the ONE who has that control and pray.

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