New Gospel Music: Micah Stampley-One Voice

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Micah Stampley’s One Voice CD is full of great songs that I’m sure you will love!

A few of my favorite gospel songs on the project are “Heaven On Earth,” “Desperate People,” and “Hosanna”. This is Micah’s fifth CD and a joint project of his independent label, Interface Entertainment, and Mathew Knowles’ Music World.

Be sure to let me know what you think about the project!

Preview Micah Stampley’s One Voice below:

“My vision for this particular album was to be a call to every culture, every nation, every race. Ministry should cater to people from all walks of life and my approach to this album was to be accommodating to those cultures. The message is a message of love. The number one thing that we should be striving for is the love of Christ, and that’s the heart of this recording. That is the message and the heartbeat of this album.”-Micah Stampley

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One Voice

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