J Moss new song: Good & Bad (lyrics, audio)

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“Good and Bad” is the second single from J Moss V4 which releases early 2012.

GOOD & BAD by J Moss by insideJMoss

J Moss Good and Bad Lyrics:
You love me through my good –You love me through my bad
You love me through my good –You love me through my bad
You didn’t erase my future because of my past
I’m glad You loved me through my good & bad

You keep on loving me …
highlight lead vocal lyrics:

Every blessing and request that You’ve granted Lord
You could’ve withheld but mercy intervened
Through the rebellion — Through all of my short-comings
(This is my favorite right here)
You keep on loving me — You keep on loving me — You keep right on loving me

Through the good and the bad — You never stop loving me
What You are to me — No man could ever be
You see through every mistake — Through every stumble
You prove to Your children — You’ll always be there
Through every slip — Through all of my issues

You could’ve been finished — You could’ve been gone
But you put up with me — Kept on teaching me — Kept on loving me — Yesssss
What I love about You is Your love runs deep
You gave Your life for a wretch like me
Who else would’ve done that — Who else could do that
Nobody but Jesus — Nobody but Jesus

(through all my good) & my bad
I’m glad You loved me through my GOOD & BAD

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  1. Angela williams says

    When i first really listen to this song i cried because i though god did not love me because of my pass .But listening to the words of your song made me realize that even though i have done some real bad thing god still love me and i have done some good things.God love when i did good and he love when i did bad.I know that I know that god deliverd me from the bad an i am so greatful and so thankful, because he love’s me through my good and my bad. My god contiune to bless you through your good and your bad. Be bless!!!!!!!!!

  2. sanni tunde says

    i love the song when i heard the first part but i cant get full version please update me on how to get the full version

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