James Fortune lawsuit: Father of abused child responds, hear portion of 911 call (video)

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James Fortune and Cheryl FortuneAccording to a Fox News Report, although James Fortune has expressed shock at the child abuse lawsuit against him, the biological father of the abused child, Roderick Davenport, says he is not sure why.

The father said that the child is now old enough to get plastic surgery to correct some of the scarring, but Fortune was not agreeing to pay for the expenses. He said that is the reason for the five million dollar civil suit now.

In the Fox Houston video below, Davenport and his lawyer talk about the child’s injuries. There is also a portion of the 911 call in which Fortune says the child burned himself.

“The injuries look like he has been burned with fire,” says the 4-year-old’s biological father Roderick Davenport.

“He is burned from just above his penis down to the soles of his feet and the upper portions of his buttocks and his hands up to his wrists,” says Davenport’s attorney Toni Jones.

James Fortune’s Latest Statement Concerning Alleged Child Abuse:

“Several months ago I received a demand for payment from my stepson’s father for an injury to my stepson that occurred in 2001. In the midst of negotiating a settlement regarding that injury, I was served with a lawsuit and now my wife and I are defending ourselves in civil court. At no time in my life was I convicted of felony injury to a child. Following my step-son’s injury, there was a criminal investigation and all matters were resolved.

Since that time, my family and I, including my stepson, have maintained a continuous loving family environment. Although his father has maintained custody, Cheryl and I have enjoyed continuous uninterrupted open visitations with my step-son since 2001.

We are shocked by this lawsuit but understand people are free to use the court system to pursue matters, whether or not the claims are baseless. We are confident through this process, the ultimate decision maker will render an outcome that is just and fair. We believe in our American justice system and know that once all facts are made transparent justice will prevail in our favor.

This lawsuit is a direct result of our desire to continue the uninterrupted love, commitment and financial support as well as to protect the ongoing wellbeing while enhancing the current living conditions of our son. We have given our stepson who is currently in our care during his summer break continuous support and understand these allegations are a direct result of not only our increased profile and financial viability but an individuals desire to exploit such.

We intend to vehemently defend our right to protect our family while maintaining the character integrity and trusted core values the Fortune family has been blessed to exemplify.”

Davenport is suing for five million dollars. He says he filed the suit because now at 15-years-old his son is old enough to get plastic surgery to correct some of the scarring and Davenport says Fortune was not agreeing to pay for those expenses.

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    God have mercy on us. We all have a past, I pray that if somethings from our past surfaces that we are honest enough to say or admit to our flaws. This demonstrates The forgiveness we have access to through Jesus and defeats The enemy because we exposed The evil that had us tripped UP#.The worse thing we could do is lie or be in denial or something done that’s accurate.

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