See Amber Bullock singing ‘Thank You Lord’ at awareness concert (@singamber)

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Amber Bullock’s new CD, So In Love, releases on July 10th. You’re gonna pick it up, right? You can [amazon_link id=”B0088EDR8M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]pre-order it now on Amazon[/amazon_link].

In a recent quote, the Sunday Best 4 winner said that she wants to provide her listeners with the kind of songs you keep on repeat. I think she will accomplish that goal with this CD. One of my favs, the single “La La La (Lord You’ve Been So Good)’ is a great song and very memorable! By the way, this song was written by Amber.

Check out Amber singing “Thank You Lord” from the [amazon_link id=”B006D1F8BQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Thank You CD[/amazon_link] below. She was ministering at Walt “Baby” Love’s 8th annual Lupus and Cancer awareness concert.

You can connect with Amber on twitter at @singamber!

Preview Amber Bullock So In Love

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[amazon_link id=”B0088EDR8M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]amber bullock[/amazon_link]

From Amazon: Prior to her Sunday Best fame, Amber Bullock was living and working in Dallas, where she had moved to be with her mom. Shortly after moving to Dallas, Bullock and her daughter were in a bad car accident that totaled her car. After another unfortunate incident, Bullock ended up sleeping on the floor in the house of a co-worker who had six children. She was also unable to get Amya into a daycare center. Life had become so difficult for Bullock at that point that she had to send her daughter to live with her father.

Once her daughter was with her father, it was difficult to see her regularly without a car, which made her life even more challenging. Praying for a blessing, Bullock decided to attend the last day of Sunday Best auditions at the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. Near the end of the day, word had spread among the staff and other contestants that the lady with the “Red Feather Earrings” had the “most amazing voice and the slickest runs.” Bullock recalls praying “Lord let your will be done.” The rest is history.


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