I love this!! Sneak a peek at the new Marvin Sapp reality show(@marvinsapp)

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I’m looking forward to seeing the Marvin Sapp reality show!!

From the videos below it looks like Single Dad is going to be a great show. I know it has not been easy for Marvin Sapp raising his kids since his wife MaLinda passed away. He seems to be a good dad–very hands on with a listening ear.

His comment about raising girls in the second video is too funny!! “You need what? Don’t you know this time of month is coming every month?” Ha, ha. This reminds me of me and my dad. He never wanted to ask me any details-he just gave me money. And it was always way too much money. He never asked for change back, so I had a good little racket going on.

Will you be watching the new Marvin Sapp reality show?

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