Re: BET Sunday Best 5 Sneak Peek–Kim Burrell was hilarious! (@KimBurrellLove)

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kim burrellDid you see the BET Sunday Best 5 preview of the auditions after the BET Awards 2012? It was great! My hubby, kiddies and I had a great time looking at some great and some not so great auditions.

Kim Burrell was one of the judges and I thought she was great (and she had great hair!). Let me tell you she had some one liners! She told one guy, who was rejected, to be careful going home.

Another guy who had a very deep voice decided to sing “Wade In The Water.” He was not very good–Kim proceeded to get up out of her chair and crawled under the desk. LOL! She could be heard saying, “Is he done yet?” LOL!

One of my kiddies thought the judges were a little mean. He said, “Why are they so mean? Isn’t this a gospel show?” Well, if you can’t sing…….

I’m sure that BET will replay this sneak peek. Be sure to check it out if you get a chance. I’m sure you will love it!

I’m looking forward to the two-hour premiere next Sunday, July 8th!

Season 4 BET Sunday Best Interview with Torrence and Kim Burrell

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  1. A McMichael says

    I am the guy with the deep voice. Thank you for the encouragement it was a long day that day but what can I do to improve or was it just that bad that i should not sing anymore?

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