See Kim Burrell reality show promo for Whatever It Takes

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kim burrellYup, another reality show may be hitting your TV screens soon! This time it’s the incredibly talented Kim Burrell.

Whatever It Takes stars Kim Burrell, Krishnar Lewis, Karen Smith, Kenneth Jackson & the team members of Manhattan-based PR & Management firm the Lewis Agency.

According to the YouTube description, Kim and her team has been filming for over a year. One interesting angle of the show is Krishnar’s bout with cancer. One portion of the video showed him taking chemo.

Connect with Kim Burrell on Twitter at @kimburrelllove

Most notably known as a top male fashion model, Lewis used the platform to extend and showcase his talents in music and television as well. Burrell started out as a client of Lewis’ firm but the two quickly became great friends and business partners with several ventures.

What to know how to build a career in the entertainment industry from ground up? Want to see what goes on in the president’s office of top record labels, TV studios, and fashion companies? Interested in how to kill career-threatening drama and horrific plots? Then you won’t want to miss this show!

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