LOL! ‘Take Me To Burger King’ Darlene McCoy’s parody of Tamela Mann’s ‘Take Me To The King’ (@DarleneMcCoy)

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Aww, man!! Too funny!!! I love the “leave me there” part (4:24)!!! Check out Darlene McCoy’s parody of the hit gospel song “Take Me To The King”.

What do you think? After you watch the video, be sure to head over iTunes to pick up the Kirk Franklin penned song as performed by Tamela Mann. You can also get it on Tamela Mann’s new CD, Best Days, due out August 14th through TillyMann Music Group Inc.

Take Me to the King - Single - Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann Take Me To The King on YouTube


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  1. Andrew says

    didn’t find the humor in this parody…..with a song with such meaning as “take me to the King”, I don’t think changing the meaning from an intimate approach to our Savior to one of a hungry run to burger king is appropriate…i am sure ms darlene. as beautiful as her own voice is, could have found something more productive to do with her time……..

  2. SP says

    My would you play with a song that has to do with a invitation to the Lord, humor is find but with a anointed song such as that one. Wow you taken chances girl. With a voice like yours couldn’t you of found something contructive to do, besides this

  3. Ashley says

    LOLOLOLOL This was hilarious. I honestly don’t find anything wrong with making a parody of “Take Me to the King”. This nor the other parody “Take Me to the Greens” doesn’t in any way demean the original song. Have a sense of humor people!! 🙂

  4. Herb says

    My Lord and Savior has a sense humor, he blessed me with one too.
    I truly love Tamela Mann’s voice and ” Take Me To The King”.
    This bit of humor in no way demeans that great song.
    Darlene McCoy, thank you!

  5. Rita says

    Sure, God has a sense of humor…however, this was very tasteless – no pun intended. Ms. Mann has struggled with her weight for many years, and to write a parody about food, and hunger…well, I’m not sure that’s very funny – sense of humor or not. God bless you gal, you are a beautiful lady, with a beautiful voice….now Sing, til the Glory of the Lord comes down…and quit playing, you are too talented for that.

  6. Seph says

    Why are you guys getting so irritating over a song? It’s a joke chill. Us rap fans don’t get mad when you take our songs and put them into god worshipping lyrics do we? I honestly found this really funny.

  7. Unknown says

    To septh its really different when Christians because some of it sounds good to glorify god it’s not like ooh let me take his song and redo it no and they make it different they just take one quote and use. If she just use take me to… That would be fine but she was using a lot of tamela stuff which some of it didn’t make since lay me at bk, what!! y do u want to lay there. she should have switched it up. She kinda switch some things up but she mostly used tamela stuff n I don’t think they would have cared if she just used the one quote. It’s just different just using one got in your song then taking mostly the whole song urs. And beats belong to everyone as long as they buy it or get permission then it’s alright. also rapper don’t care because as long as u are using there stuff they get payed for it soo who would care lol. Also there is a lot of songs out here that we’re Christians first and ppl did change it to there’s so we don’t get upset about but when it’s a powerful song like that that touches ppl yea u would get upset cause now u ruin the song. I don’t think it was hilarious. Idk how it funny unless yall was laughing at what she was doing which was disrespectful, sorry it was, you dont make fun of stuff like that ppl are crazy. I thought it was ok. U want some one to take u to bk. I would listen to it if she change more of the lyrics but good job trying to make something ur own.

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