Video: Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy sing hit song ‘Testimony’ on TBN

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Tyscot’s newest signee Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy perform their radio hit “Testimony” on TBN. I love this song because our relationship with God is indeed personal. Nobody knows like you what God has done for you!

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy

anthony brown and group therapy

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy began in early 2000 as Answered Prayers. Brown, who had been attending Morgan State University, initially put together the group as a way to showcase songs he had been writing. “I wanted to have a vehicle to showcase some of the songs God had given me,” Brown said. “I was hearing different singers and different voices … voices that didn’t seem to go together well, but collectively it made a sound that was worth hearing.”

Out of Answered Prayers came, the current configuration now called Group TherAPy (the capital letters AP a nod to the old name), and represents Brown’s mission. “I want God to use us to answer people’s prayers through music,” he said. “I also want it to be therapeutic … that’s where the new name came from. I wanted to bring together really talented, really anointed singers and give them a safe place to heal. Our music is therapeutic for the listener and it is just as therapeutic for us to be together to share our gifts and our lives with one another. There is no judgment … no one is looking down on us. That’s what you hear on the record.”

Brown joined forces with Grammy nominee & Award winning artist VaShawn Mitchell and Tyscot Records to release Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy. Via Mitchell’s production deal with Tyscot the partnership was born. “VaShawn is a brother, friend and mentor to me,” said Brown. “I initially planned on releasing this album independently and sent him ‘Testimony’ to get his feedback. He called me that same day and said he couldn’t allow the world to NOT hear that song. He got Bryant Scott on the phone that day and the rest is history. VaShawn is a true champion of people … he’s a rarity in music today.”


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