BET Sunday Best-Nobody gets eliminated + I loved Danetra’s performance!!

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BET sunday bestSunday’s episode of  BET Sunday Best was in tribute to the immensely talented Andrae Crouch.

Judge Yolanda Adams commented that you really can’t go wrong with an Andrae Crouch song and I agree wholeheartedly. His songs are classic and transcend time. The lyrics are impeccable, yet simple. They pierce straight to the heart.

I loved hearing the Sunday Best Six sing in tribute to Andrae Crouch. It’s great that he was celebrated in such a grand way. He deserves it.

The opening for this week was all the contestants singing the Andrae Crouch classic, “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus.” It was a great opening that made me look forward to hearing more of Crouch’s songs.

BET Sunday Best Top 6 Performances

1. Alexis Spight-Soon And Very Soon-Great job from Alexis!

2. Michael Lampkin-Oh, It’s Jesus-Solid performance from the pastor. He’s definitely one to watch.

3. Kizzy Walker-I’ll Be Thinking of You-Her hair was different. LOL! This is one of my favorite Andrae Crouch songs and she did a good job with it.

4. Joshua Rogers-We Expect You-This young man is so talented! I love his runs and he has such range. Great performance!

5. Ashford Sanders-Through It All-I listened to this twice because Donnie McClurkin said it was safe. I thought it was perfectly sung. He is one of my favorites.

6. Danetra MooreJesus Is The Answer-Now, this one I played back a bunch of times! I really liked how Danetra handled this song. She had such control. I loved how she took her time and allowed the song to build and reach the audience. And she ended the song wonderfully.

Isaac Carree and Zacardi Cortez were the special guests. They sung “We Are Not Ashamed.” I enjoyed their performance. I was on my feet and singing along.

After all was said and done nobody was sent home!! I was surprised, LOL! What do you think about this week’s show? Who do you think is going to win this year?

BET Sunday Best Top Six

1. Danetra Moore
2. Alexis Spight
3. Ashford Sanders
4. Michael Lampkin
5. Kizzy Walker
6. Joshua Rogers

*click the contestant’s link above to see their BET interview

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