Brandon Camphor & One Way-Get new single + BE LIKE G.O.D. campaign launches

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The new single, “You Are God,” from Brandon Camphor & One Way is now [amazon_link id=”B008ML41NQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]available for purchase on Amazon[/amazon_link] and iTunes.

Brandon Camphor & One Way were the winners of the 2011 Most Powerful Voices competition. The song, which is released through Music World Gospel, was co-written by Brandon Camphor and William McMillan.

Purchase Brandon Camphor & One Way You Are God

You Are God - Brandon Camphor & Oneway
[amazon_link id=”B008ML42F8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Brandon Camphor & One Way You Are God (Extended Main)[/amazon_link]

Alongside the release of the new single, Brandon Camphor & One Way is also launching their year-long service campaign, BE LIKE G.O.D. The campaign comes with a call for everyone to participate–it’s a nationwide call to service for Christians to be like Christ, giving daily to others with their service, resources, giving, and time to make a difference in the world we live.

The campaign is broken up into four phases:

August-November 2012-Service: Random Acts of Godly Kindness

November 2012-February 2013-Resources: Clothes, Food & Shelter

March-May 2013-Giving: Meeting an International Need With Our Finances

June-August 2013-Time: Mentor A Child

Learn more about the BE Like G.O.D. campaign at the group’s website. In celebration of the You Are God release and the kick-off of the BE LIKE G.O.D. campaign a launch party will take place in NYC at Ella Lounge on Tuesday, August 7th. Admission is free, space is limited.

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