Give A Quiet Clap For The BET Sunday Best Final Four!!

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BET sunday bestI love the idea of quiet clapping!!  Yeah, lol!! Courtesy of contestant Kizzy Walker.

Another excellent show! BET Sunday Best just keeps getting better and better. I got to watch the show with my hubby which was a lot of fun. Kiddies were off with their basketball buddies so it was just me and him.

And let me tell you, he had some strong opinions. He sings in the choir, so of course he had lots to say, especially about his favorite contestant Ashford Sanders.

I loved the opening with Jason Nelson singing his mega hit “Shifting The Atmosphere.” Sunday Best has showcased some great gospel talent so far this season! I can’t wait to see who else graces the stage.

BET Sunday Best Top 6 Performances

1. Kizzy Walker-Keep Your Head To The Sky-Ok, Kizzy looked great and she sounded awesome! I loved what she did with the Earth, Wind and Fire classic. I just don’t know if it was enough to stay in the competition.

2. Ashford Sanders-Make Me Better Lord-Were you doing the Ashford dance?! The hubby and I loved this performance. Just great solid singing. And when he put his hands on his hips and starting doing his special dance it just sent us over the top!! Loved, loved Ashford. Definitely our favorite.

3. Joshua Rogers-It’s The God In Me-I was a little confused here. My hubby thinks that he is mad talented and loves his riffs and runs, but I just didn’t like this song for him. I love to hear Mary Mary and Kierra Sheard sing it, but I just wasn’t feeling his interpretation of it. I loved his laid back style this week though. He looked like an eighteen year old.

4. Alexis SpightAin’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around-I loved that Alexis was sitting down in a chair and tearing this song to pieces. She did a wonderful job. She has a unique style that I love.

5. Michael Lampkin-Hello Fear-Looking like one of the members of Boyz II Men, Pastor Lampkin put his own unique spin on the Kirk Franklin hit. I loved how he took his time with the song which allowed his beautiful tone to shine through.

6. Danetra Moore-I Look To You-Danetra tackled Whitney and she did………………wonderfully!! Good job, Danetra! Just like last week, great control.

Last week nobody was eliminated so that meant two had to leave this week. It’s getting harder and harder because they are all so good. Eliminated contestants were Kizzy and Ashford. Hubby was especially upset by Ashford going home. He looked forward to seeing him every week.

What do you think about this week’s show? Are you favorite contestants still in the competition? What do you think about Ashford being eliminated?

BET Sunday Best Top Four

1. Danetra Moore
2. Alexis Spight
3. Michael Lampkin
4. Joshua Rogers

*click the contestant’s link above to see their BET interview

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