Listen: DJ DMD ’25 Lighters On My Dresser’ changed to ’25 Bibles On My Dresser’ (@djdmd)

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Spotted at Notes From The Sketch Pad

I love this story!

I remember “25 Lighters On My Dresser” by Houston legend DJ DMD from when my hubby and I ran our music store in Houston. When it came out it was a huge hit. I mean huge!! It was a catchy song and a lot of people loved that.

I remember wondering what “25 Lighters” meant. I asked one of our customers and he laughingly told me that I didn’t want to know. I eventually figured out it had something to do with drugs.

During this time the Houston rap scene was booming. UGK, Big Mellow, Lil KeKe, Fat Pat, DJ DMD, DJ Screw, Fifth Ward Boyz and more enjoyed tremendous success. I vividly remember the sadness and unbelief in the underground rap community when DJ Screw died. His death really put the spotlight on “purple drank” and its effects within the Houston rap community.

It’s great to see that DJ DMD is using his popularity as a catalyst for change by turning his biggest hit song into a Christian rap song.

Listen to DJ DMD 25 Bibles

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