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Be sure to pick up the new CD from Tyscot signee Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy! It’s available on Amazon and in stores everywhere.

The CD features the popular song “Testimony,” VaShawn Mitchell on “I  Will Be” and Maurette Brown Clark on “Harvest Song.” Preview songs such as “Your Way,” “Beyond Beyond,” and “Deep Enough” along with the rest of the CD over at Amazon.

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Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy began in early 2000 as Answered Prayers. Brown, who had been attending Morgan State University, initially put together the group as a way to showcase songs he had been writing. “I wanted to have a vehicle to showcase some of the songs God had given me,” Brown said. “I was hearing different singers and different voices … voices that didn’t seem to go together well, but collectively it made a sound that was worth hearing.”

Out of Answered Prayers came, the current configuration now called Group TherAPy (the capital letters AP a nod to the old name), and represents Brown’s mission.

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