Video: David and Tamela Mann with son David Jr. & daughter Tia in the CBN green room

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davidandtamelamann1Did you know that David and Tamela Mann have five children and eight grandchildren?

Two of their children, David Jr. and Tia joined them in the CBN green room before an appearance on the 700 Club—and they’re just as funny as David and Tamela!

Be on the lookout for David & Tamela’s new cooking show, Hanging With The Mann’s! It’s coming to a TV near you very soon!!


On SocialCam: David and Tamela Mann With Their Grandchildren

David and Tamela Mann Kids-Video of Their Daughters

David and Tamela Mann Children-Video of Their Son

Pick up Tamela’s new CD, Best Days, with the hit single “Take Me To The King” today!!

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Best Days - Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann Best Days-David and Tamela Mann

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  1. Deborah says

    You are a beautiful couple. You bring in the family room watching you perform every week. I pray that God will continue to take you higher. I can’t wait for the couple’s tour. We have got to be there if you come to Detroit. I have some good advice after being married 43 years and still in love. God bless youvv

  2. Angela H. says

    I just want to thank you guys for the you’ve brought to my heart. If I could really tell you my story, you guys would say W O W!!! I watch your wedding video every day. I cry I laugh. So thank you so much and pray GOD will continue bless you in abundance. LORD bless wherever they put there feet. LORD thank you for the 25 years you’ve given them and I pray for many many more. Bless their off springs with immeasurable faith. I pray Psalm 121:7-8 The LORD who watches over our life, HE who watches over our comings and goings will protect us both now and forever more. Be blessed and keep making us laugh and bless us with your music. I hope to meet you guys one day. I love you guys!!!

  3. Deborah T says

    Just hearing your songs uplift my days. The laughter from you TV sitcom gives me the strength to carry on each day taking care of my husband of 43 years. He has a setback from two spinal surgery, but I know this may a disappointment but God has an appointment for him. We bless you this and may continue to grow in you.

  4. melanie says

    i just wont you all to know you are the best and much love to you and your familys………..

  5. Judy says

    You are such an awesome awesome couple. You all keep it so real in a way even the commonest of folks can connect with.Stay in love and keep us laughing.

  6. says

    Hi, tamela and david you both are an inspiration too me. I look up to you both. Your nusic is so, uplifting tamela keep up the goodwork and david keep everyone laughing.God bless u.

  7. bonita short says

    David and tamela you two are truly wonderful and I love you both tamela you always look so beautiful I am on a diet and you my inspiration

  8. Debby says

    David and Tamela you are an awesome couple. The LOVE you embrace each other is beautiful. I was surprised to find out that you have 5 children & 8 grandchildren. All the years I have been watching your movies and sitcoms, never knew the Mann’s had children. I’m looking forward to watching
    “IT’S A MANN’S WORLD”!!!! God Bless David, Tamela, your Children & Grandchildren…..
    Love From Loving Fan,

  9. Brenda Wilson says

    Hello I love everything you good people do ,you bring me so much inspiration,lwrring me know thru GOD all things are possible.

  10. Dorothy Canady says

    I love the both of you. Tamela your music is so inspiring and the songs you sing are breath taking. I would love to see you in person just to say hello. love you and the family on It’s a Mann”s world.

  11. jadaluv says

    Me and my mom love yout tamela and you keep doing what your doing god has truely blessed you and you husband

  12. Doris Gibson says

    The Mann has lift many hands and brought about many uplifted spirits.The respect given you by family and friends is just so Godly.Tamela you are a beautiful woman,Tia also following in your footsteps.I had an accident in 2012 along with your shows,movies,music and the family love shown too your audience I thank God for you.My Grandson is ten and his anthem is ‘Take me to the King’. GOD BLESS.

  13. sequenta chatman says

    I just love you all I just wish I had the chance to sing an inspire others like you do Tamela my mom has 3 girls that could sing an still can to this day keep up the good work tell your daughter not to give up on singing she has a pretty voice

  14. Will and Lisa says

    Our family has always love David and Tamela.. their ability to make others laugh, feel the Lord through their singing and in opening up their home on TV.

    Many blessings to the family and thank you for the gift of pray and song

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