Oh my…..take a quick look at season 2 of Mary Mary’s reality show

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Season 2 of Mary Mary’s reality show premieres Thursday, December 13th on WE tv and it looks pretty interesting to say the least. Based on the two clips below from the new season, will you be watching the Mary Mary reality show?

Video 1:

The family is getting ready for their baby sister’s wedding and the bachelorette party is proposing a problem for Tina because of the strippers.

Uh, ok……..

Video 2:

LOL!! I just love Mitch!!

The “altercation” between Mitch and Goo’s boyfriend, Justin, seems heavily scripted to me, but it is nevertheless pretty entertaining. Justin wants Mitch to leave Goo alone but Mitch is not fazed at all.

Near the end of the conversation Justin tries to put his hand on Mitch’s shoulder. Of course, Mitch is not having it–“Please don’t touch me!”

Sidenote: Is Mitch drinking beer??

mary mary reality show

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  1. says

    LOLL, Girl Justin TRIED IT!!! yea i agree seems very scripted, i mean from Justin introducing himself and Mitch just happening to be there…come on now! and yea just from this clip i feel Mitch, Justin need not come to him, this is business. i know Goo be feeling disrespected, but she needs to take that to Tina and Erica, not Justin!! LOLL, hunny i can’t wait for the new season! and those strippers at this bachelorette party?!!!! They looked good, but i can’t wait to see the fuss folks will make over that!!! LOLL!! Great post!!!

  2. says

    Hi Tashia,

    Ha, ha! So sweet, Justin taking up for his boo. But Mitch is like, ok, I’m not scared. I laughed so hard when he said, “Don’t touch me!” I gotta remember to use that when folks get on my nerves. LOL!

    I think the bachelorette party is going to cause a firestorm. It probably already has….

    Thanks for commenting!

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