Video: Karen Clark Sheard (very classily) takes off slip while singing

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And she doesn’t miss a beat.

She ditches the slip at the 4:26 mark. She slipped it right off, somebody came and got it and she kept right on singing like nothing. By the way, she is singing one of my favorites from her,[amazon_link id=”B0011ZUT0E” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] “We Acknowledge You.”[/amazon_link]

I’ve seen something like this before at the church I grew up in. A minister’s wife was giving a speech and her slip started falling down. She pulled at it a couple of times and then just said forget it, I guess. She politely just let it fall all the way down, stepped over it and then picked it up.¬†Hilarious!!

So, stuff happens!! LOL!

Karen Clark Sheard at Titus Jackson Birthday Celebration

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