Deitrick Haddon reveals pics of new baby girl, announces engagement

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There’s lots of chatter about Deitrick Haddon’s divorce, new engagement and new baby girl. He announced the news via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

When he announced the news about the engagement and the baby that was born earlier this year, I was like whoa!! I happened to read a comment from a young member of Deitrick’s former church and she talked about how much she looked up to him and Damita. Her comments on how hurt she was was heartbreaking.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a long time and when news like this pops up a lot of people get hurt and discouraged. We humans need to get it together, but in the meantime we really need to focus on God first and foremost.

Deitrick Haddon New Baby Girl

Deitrick Haddon



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