Just Wow: Deitrick Haddon is ‘coming clean in 2013’ about his marriage–I didn’t see this coming……

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Nobody likes to see families broken up and hurt. I’m praying for all involved.

Dietrick Haddon recently posted on his Facebook page why he divorced his ex-wife, Damita and it involves a fellow gospel music singer.

deitrick haddon

**Update-Isaac Carrees responds to Jawn Murray at AlwaysAList:

“It has been brought to my attention that Deitrick Haddon recently made some very hurtful statements about me. I, as well as my wife, are both shocked and confused by Deitrick’s actions. It saddens me that he would seek to engage in mudslinging with me, especially because he and I have spoken openly and honestly about this, even long before his allegations. While I have no desire to drag these personal conversations into a public forum, he and I both know what the truth is. Still, I pray God’s best for him and his family. This weighs heavily on me, but I am grateful for the opportunity to speak from my heart. This will be the only statement that I will make regarding this situation.”

From Deitrick Haddon’s Facebook Page:

Coming clean in 2013 so God can really be truly glorified

My objective in this personal message to my supporters is to set the record straight on why I divorced my ex-wife, to clear my daughter’s and fiancé’s name, and to give you the truth. I’m not here to throw anyone under the bus, but I refuse to remain silent while people slander my name because the other parties involved are refusing to speak up for me and about their involvement in this matter. I regret having to continue to speak on this but you all need to know the truth from my perspective.

It does not feel good when people make comments saying that I left my wife for a younger woman and a baby!! It’s simply not the truth & the truth is recorded in heaven! Heaven keeps good records & i have no reason to lie!!! I met the young lady when i moved to L.A a broken mess & God used her to keep me from committing suicide twice!! I do admit that she did get pregnant before my divorce was final as my divorce carried on for over a year. However an abortion was not an option for me so I covered her & she covered me while we both repented of our sins & submit to spiritual leadership. As a sign of humility & accountability, I have not preached on any platform in any church for one year!! I’ve paid my penalty for my sin!!

I understand that my ex-wife wants to keep quiet & she has that right but to allow people to think this way about me while she remain Quiet is not cool when I was a good husband, not perfect but a good husband & friend to her for years!! I take full responsibility for my actions but I WILL NOT take responsibility for the cause of my actions. I don’t expect Damita to be bold enough to go public because people will take your transparency & rub it in your face & even Christians who are called to restore & forgive will be ready to throw stones at her for something that God has forgiven her for & is in her past. Unfortunately, we happen to live in a religious community that preach forgiveness but when the opportunity presents itself to show it they just don’t do it!!!

However, I do expect Isaac Carree to stand up and be man enough to own his mistakes & give his fans the truth they deserve to know. I appreciate your new song ‘Clean this house”, you know I’ve always been a fan of yours since day one & I’ve never done anything to hurt you but you left one sin out of your song that would have set the record straight & solidified my healing process & that is adultery! I hate to see you walk in deception when it’s unnecessary. Yes I have forgiven you but I want to see you be the true man that God is calling for all us to be. The Gospel community & church has had enough deception. Let’s come clean in 2013. I forgive you & I love you bro but it’s time to be real.

For those that are small minded & will say that I may be jealous of Isaac. That is incorrect, I have always shown my support to him & I celebrate the gifts that God has blessed us with in the Kingdom. However, I have kept quiet & covered him for 2 years since I found out & it wasn’t easy to watch the man that broke up my home run around singing on stages as if he had done nothing devastating to a his fellow brother in the Gospel!!

I have moved on… God has blessed me with a baby that has in many ways neutralized the enemies darts that have been thrown against me. Please let it go down in the books that I did not leave Damita for a younger woman, that is not just not the truth!!

Isaac the ball is in your court & no longer in mine. I sincerely wish you the best but it’s time for us to be real if we’re gonna spread this Gospel. Anything other than that is unnecessary hypocrisy!! I don’t need an apology but your fans deserve an apology for the damage that have been caused by your actions!!

I truly apologize for the damage all this has & will cause the Gospel community & the church. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be part of such foolishness but I’m determined to never bring this kind of shame to the body of Christ again!!

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  1. sharrise roberts says

    my name is sharrise Roberts and I went similar situation. the only person that matters is god. he know what happens. don’t worry about people because they do not have a heaven or hell to put you in. so stay encourage and let god used u in every way. I am still a fan and forever will be a fan god bless. if you ever want to talk just email me

  2. Sylvia says

    Detrick, you are the kind of man that makes me proud to call myself a Christian. Remember just like God is blessing you, the devil is busy trying to destroy you. In the end, as long as you continue to put God first, your blessings will be greater than any problems that the devil thought he could throw at you. Much Love and respect to you. Love your music!

  3. SC Roberts says

    Dietrick, peace be unto you. It doesn’t matter what has happen in the past because it is just that–the past. I admire your integrity and your courage. And I noticed that before you set the record straight in regards to Damita and Isaac, you confessed your sin first. That was a true act of humility, not to take away from the pain you experienced through this whole ordeal. The Bible tells us that if we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, HE will exalt us in due season. Thank you for being a TRUE example of a Believer. God bless you and your family.

  4. kayla says

    God bless those who try to keep Gods work clean and are able to acknowledge their own faults in situations. I too believe that this is unnecissary hypocrisy. Without a doubt I know that Damita and Isaac have more than likely repented of their wrongs but I believe the purpose of this was to set the record straight. I believe deitrick is hurting more because of the fact that the ones he loves are allowing him to take the heat for something that he should not be taking the heat for. I looove when men/women of God who understandd they have a platform respect it and try to make sure they do things in the right manner. I have so much respect for him, Kirk Franklin and Steve Harvey. They take ownership for what they do and ensure that when their telling you to do something they themselves take it upon themselves to try and make sure they do right and dont play the role of a hypocrite. When Kirk Franklin was going through the issue of porn he made it known. He repented and shared his story also so that he could help others. This is how God gets the glory, when people humble themselves and allow themselves to be examples of how God can help you through a circumstance and they themselves can help by telling their story and how they got over whatever it is. Isaac and Damita without a doubt should be forgiven because God has already forgiven we ALL make mistakes, theres not a day where we do not fall short of the glory of God.
    Deitrick and his family also deserve peace. It’s an unfortunate situation but I will always be a fan of Deitricks!

  5. Duane Turnage says

    To my friend and a man of God that I know and love. My prayers are that your happy again and you want to live again! God has anointed you for great things. D, either you win or you learn, but with God’s help you never lose.

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